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Last Updated: Friday May 09 2008 10:40 GMT

What do you think makes a happy family?

A brother and sister - photo posed by models. Copyright imagesource

No two families are the same but some seem to have more fun together than others, so what do you think makes a happy family?

Is it just about being able to have a laugh together?

Or does being able to talk about your problems matter just as much as having fun?

Maybe you think it's up to the parents or adults to make sure a family's happy?

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Your Comments

"To make a happy family everyone has to be kind to one another, and if your parents split up it is for the better! Remember they both still love you - my own parents have split up and they are much happier now, so be happy!"

Olivia, 9, Durham

"A happy family is where the mum and dad are together, and the sisters and brothers feel safe and can talk together."

Rebecca, 11, London

"You need to have a loving and caring family that will support you and trust you. Sometimes you need both your parents."

Keeley, 13, Chester

"The best thing to connect with your family is love. Help each other and don't love one person more than the other."

Leanne, 12, Saltash

"Being a happy family is about being able to look ahead, to be able to find a good thing about every bad thing that comes up."

Ella, 13, Derry

"I think a happy family is a family who love each other. They might have their rows, but they will always make up."

Hannah, 11, York

"I think you need to love and trust each other, and if you are always yelling at each other then maybe you need to talk."

Amy, 12, Cheylesmore

"Just listen to each other and you will get along."

Chloe, 10, Bishop

"Families need to be supportive and loving, need to place boundaries but also know when children need freedom. Also, they need to understand that sometimes the child doesn't want to be with family but with friends and parents should let them."

Sarah, 11, Romsey

"I think what makes a family happy is having quality family time and adventures together to make the family have fun. You also need to learn to get on with each other."

Norvie, 9, Orpington

"I think u need love and u need 2 have trust."

Marium, Bradford

"Everyone moans about their family but they would not be able to live without them as everyone means so much to us, love is all anyone needs to be happy."

Daisy, 11, Dudley

"You must enjoy the days out not for what you do but who you do it with. What makes a happy family is love and trust."

Rosalind, 12, Liverpool

"Well, there isn't just one thing that makes a family family could enjoy days out together, others could enjoy reading together and some could just get along!"

Laura, 13, Redruth

"I think you need love and trust 2 make a happy family!"

Poppy, 8, Whiteparish

"I think you need brothers and sisters that love you and a mum and dad who will always care and love you no matter what the situation!"

Chloe, 11, Burton

"I think a good parent is someone that can talk to you and keep small secrets. And that they can sort out bullying problems and helps you with homework."

Kathy, 8

"Good parents are the ones who are there when you need them."

Mohammed, 13, Bradford

"Walks in the countryside together are always exciting and playing Frisbee or other games in the park is lovely. "

Katie, 13, Birmingham

"I think going out on walks and doing activities and playing games at home makes a happy family. You have to talk because if no one in the family talks to each other then you don't know whether they're happy or not!"

Demii, 13, Doncaster

"Being together - what else do you need?"

Hailey, 11


Hannah, 7, Edinburgh

"I love my family because they're not like people who are into fashion and pop music, they just like the simple things in life. I love them especially as my mum gives me special cuddles at night, my Dad's extra funny and my little sister Mia can be really cheeky!"

Billie, 8, Lewes

"I think the best thing to connect families is trust and friendship. As long as you are happy around your family it will stay strong and your parents and siblings can feel like friends to you."

Matthew, 13, Didcot

"A good family is happy and loving - it's not all about money."

Heather, 13, Glasgow

"I think what makes a happy family is to keep things fair and to always care about each other, and love each other. Families should always listen and help each other out. They should also have things together and share things. They should not fight but ask gently for something."

Simran, 9, Ilford

"I think being able to talk to each other about anything and trusting each other. Also caring and sharing."

Cecily, 11, Harrow

"I think that being together as a group and always looking after each other."

Mimi, 10, Warminster

"Seeing everyone else happy... no arguments or fights and proper food and water."

Ben, 8, Langport

"A happy family is a family who spend time together, love and understand each other and get on well together. It's no good if you and your family don't get on. If this is the case then you must try and bond, getting to love each other and understand each other."

Darianne, 11, Gravesend

"I think our dog makes us happy as we all love her to bits. Our separate friends make each of us happy as well. Most of the time, I (and I think the rest of my family) enjoy seeing extended family and most of the time we don't get on too badly together either! Each of us has our own separate interests like reading, writing, animals, and art."

Sarah, 11, Romsey

"I think being kind to each other and helping out a lot makes a happy family."

Chloe, 13, Manchester

"I think being nice to each other makes a happy family."

Rachel, 6, Sussex

"Love and everyone sticking together and getting along. I mean me and my sisters have differences but I still love them a lot, and my baby brother Tommy."

Carley, 12, Luton

"I think a good family is made up of caring, funny but also sometimes serious people."

Maleeha, 11, London

"What makes a good family is not money. It is each other and it is mostly hope and love. When you have love you can do anything. "

Bonny, 12, Nottingham

"Everyone getting on together. And be able to spend time together!"

Kate, 12, Arbroath

"You need love and care in every family. You should try to talk and sort problems out if you have any."

Kizz, 12, Leicester

"Love and care."

Ellis, 7, Wokingham

I think a good family is a family who can sit down and have heart to hearts, but also who can always have a whale of a time."

Susan, 10, Liverpool

"To have a happy family you need to talk to each other and love each other and spend time with the family. You need to ask if there is anything wrong and understand them if there is."

Asha, 9, Lincolnshire

"I think that having fun, not being involved when your parents argue and also being able to talk about your problems makes a happy family because it's horrible listening to your parents argue and it's good to have fun!"

Natasha, 10, Wiltshire

"I think a happy family is a family that knows each other well. Some families are so separate from each other. Parents splitting up and family members dieing can make a family even more separate. I think families doing things together like eating round a table or siblings sharing rooms really makes a difference!"

Imogen, 12, Solihull

"I think it is love and respect and just noticing them, just having family time."

Autumn, 12, Cheltenham

"A good family is when all the people get on with each other every day."

Tamsyn, 7, Cornwall

"Having a happy family is about being close to each other and spending time together."

Coral, 13, Gateshead

"It's down to the people in the family. I think families should make you feel safe and loved, and also be very supportive. Quality time is also good so that you can get to know each other better, and being able to talk about your problems is essential. You can choose your friends, but not your family so you need to appreciate them, whether your a parent child, brother or sister."

Lizzie, 11, Solihull

"Having freedom. And of course spending quality time together!"

Merriam, 11, Leicester

"To have a happy family you should all love each other and have lots of quality time together."

Rosie, 11, Bristol

"Having everyone together every week at least once for a happy family tea!"

Lizzie, 7, Altrincham

"It's quality and not quantity when it comes to families, and parents who support you, no matter what you do."

Tori, 12, Meols

"I think what makes a family happy is that you don't lie to one another and you always tell the truth and have fun and share emotions."

Arielle, 12, Feltham

"My family always stick together and I think that's a major factor of having a happy family. My family are going through rough times at the moment but we make sure we know how much we love each-other and that's what makes our family happy."

Marnie,12, Wimbledon

"I think to make a happy family everyone has to be nice to each other and cooperate well."

Helena, 11, London

"I think a happy family is one that does things with each other. Like going on family fun days, sitting down and talking to each other. But above all having fun!!"

Ellie, 11, Uckfield

"I think that a family could be so rich that they could buy the world but if no-one cares or loves each other it wouldn't be a happy family!"

Vabetha, 11, Wembley

"My mum asks me every night "Are you happy?", so if I'm not we talk about it. So I think to communicate can make you happy. Also to have play fights with foamy bubbles!"

Georgina, 11, Henley-on-Thames

"A happy family is a comfort zone with lots of hugs and support."

Hannah, 10, Kent

"I think that spending lots of time with your family makes you happy."

Kelsey, 10, Poole

"I think the only thing that can make a family happy is the people in it. A family could be the richest in the world with all the best stuff but if the members did not get along it would be an unhappy family."

Alex, 13, Irvine

"I think a happy family is when the kids can be treated like adults, and the adults can be treated like kids! (Not all of the time though!)"

Becky, 13, The Midlands

"I think a happy family is where the whole family spends time together, either days out or maybe just time talking."

Kennedy, 10, Bradford

"I think my family is happy because we are always there for each other. Both my parents are teachers so they always know if something is wrong. Sometimes it turns out we don't have enough money to buy everything, but we're still a happy family."

Rhiannon, 10, Devon

"I think that no family is perfect, but being able to talk to your parents and having a laugh is really important!"

Caitlin, 10, Northern Ireland

"I think that a strong bond makes a good family."

Tia, 7, Derby

"A sense of humour is vital! We may have arguments but we can see the funny side afterwards."

Eris, 13, Suffolk

"You have to love each other. Arguing is normal but not constantly. Love is the most important thing"

Orlagh, 13, Derry City

"I think a happy family is a family that appreciates each other and spend time together."

Ana, 13, Teddington

"I think what makes a happy family is being able to tell each other how you are feeling without having a fight and having fun together."

Molly, 12, Pembrokeshire

"I think what makes a happy family is love, support and being there for each other."

Chloe, 10, Hampshire

"I think a happy family is a family where the parents and children talk to each other and where you can trust each other!"

Jessy, 12, London

"I think everyone should try and be nice to each other and everyone might be happier."

Shelby, 12, Manchester

"I think a happy family is one where you're able to talk about your worries and have fun together, also when there are family days out."

Emily, 10, Ireland

"I think what makes a happy family is love, care and quality time all together"

Kelly, 11, Leicester

"I think a happy family comes from a family who can talk together, speak about anything, including worries."

Felicity, 12, Shropshire

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