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Last Updated: Wednesday April 04 2007 07:46 GMT

Red sheep brighten up hillside

The red sheep

Shaun the Sheep may look cool but he's got competition - a farmer has painted his sheep red in an attempt to cheer up people driving past his field.

Farmer Andrew Jack spray-painted his woolly mammals to give those who spot the creatures a bit of a giggle.

He said it was a messy job but worth it as his flock now "look fantastic" grazing on the Scottish hillside.

The spray is harmless and will stay on the sheep until they have their coats sheared in about a month's time.

Red sheep
Red sheep
Farmer Jack said: "We used a sheep spray, but it was totally animal friendly and would not do them any harm."

The sheep are attracting lots of visitors to West Lothian and there is talk of painting the next flock pink!

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