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Last Updated: Wednesday April 04 2007 04:55 GMT

I adopted a dog in need

Sam, Jack and Ella with Max

Press Packer Sam has adopted a dog from charity the RSPCA, as new laws have come in to make sure all animals are looked after properly.

The Animal Welfare Act will provide much greater protection for animals.

Here's Sam's report.

"My new dog is a German Shepherd called Max. He is five years old.

I've been around quite of lot of dogs before and most of my friends have them.

I adopted the dog from the RSPCA because the owner couldn't look after it anymore.

New home

We've had Max for one day. I think he's settled in very well.

I will be looking after him most of the time.

I'm looking forward to hanging around with him and taking him for walks.

He gets very excited and jumps up everywhere when you take him for walks.

New laws

I've read a leaflet about the new laws which says pets have got to live in a suitable home and shouldn't be overweight.

I think the new rules are good as animals should have everything humans have."

Sam, 12, London

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