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Last Updated: Monday April 09 2007 09:16 GMT

What's your favourite word?

Children spell out the word love

Love is our favourite word, according to a new report.

It's closely followed by chocolate, smile and happy, while other top words are family, sunshine and holiday.

But we want to know what YOUR favourite word is. It could be one of these or a completely different word!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your Comments

"My favourite word is friendship because it makes you think of nice, kind people that are always there for you and it makes you feel special."

Alice, 11, Lisburn

"My favourite word is "Catamaran". I just think it's a really silly word, and really has nothing to do with what it describes!"

Alex, 12, Cheltenham

"My favourite word is playstation I do not know why."

Reece, 11, Newcastle

"My favourite word is cool, because whenever some body tells me some thing I always say the first thing that comes to me and that word is cool."

Charlotte, 11, Wigan

"My favourite word is photosynthesis. It sounds funny and if you say it fast, it sounds really weird!"

Leah, 12, Westcliff-On-Sea

"Mine fave is surreptitiously - it means slyly!"

Chloe, 11, Kent

"My favourite word would have to be swear because I always tend to say 'I swear it's true'."

Sanni, 12, London

"My fave word is probably bubbling."

Becca, 12, Doncaster

"My favourite word is Spangle but I don't know why......."

Becca, 9, Berkshire


Rebecca, 10, Berkshire

"My favourite word is bubbles because it has a good sound to it!"

Chloe, 10, Southbourne

"My favourite word is 'Italia' because you can roll it around and say it in different ways."

Rebecca, 10, London

"My favourite word is sister."

Lauren, 7, London

"My favourite word is whatever!!!"

Laura, 11, Cumnock

"My favourite word is sick coz if I want to say to my friends 'alright that car is sick' it basically means cool but in a different word."

Ashden, 13, Cambridge

"My favourite words are mango and splodge!"

Emi, 12, N Yorkshire

"My favourite word is enthusiastic because it's a very long word and an intelligent one."

Sally, 11, Oldbury

"I also like the word peace coz it's great in so many ways!"

Amy, 10, Knutsford

"My favourite word is PINK! I love that colour and I think that it is a generally a happy colour!"

Mercia, 13, London

"My favourite word is cool coz that's what I call things that I like."

Rach, 8, Preston

"I love the word 'Pirates.' Lol, pirates forever!"

Katie, 13, Reading

"My fave word is honey coz I always call people that and it's addictive!"

Lauren, 11, Derbyshire

"My favourite word is the French word for chicken- poulet and I don't know why."

Yaz, 13, London

"POMP!!! There's a long story behind it, involving Pompeii, but I find it totally HILARIOUS!!"

Sophie, 12, Stotfold

"My favourite word is PIDDLE! I don't know why."

Jessica, 10, Widnes


Kyla, 7, Cirencester

"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is my fave word and also Mississippi 'cos I'm the only one in my class who knows how to spell them!!!!!"

Gregory, 9, Kent

"I think my favourite word is antidisestablishmentarianism because it is the longest word in the English dictionary and it is not an every day word. I think it's a totally cool word!"

Annalise, 11, Cardiff

"My favourite word is whatever because you can use it as a reply to a question you don't want to answer."

Lottie, 12, Essex

"My fave word is panto cause I have just been in the Tunbridge Wells panto 2006-2007!"

Lottie, 11, Tunbridge Wells

"My favourite word is sticks.. I don't know why it just is!"

Ellie, 10, Preston

"I don't know why ...but my fave word is smoothie. It sounds cool!!"

Eleanor, 12, Ireland

"My favourite word is flabbergasted!"

Charlotte, 11, Peterborough

"My favourite word is 'try' because you should always try your best."

Sophie, 11, Clowne

"My favourite word is Celtic because it is my favourite football team!"

Declan, 10, Ayr

"My favourite word is BOP!!!"

Robyn, 12, Northampton

"My favourite word is fudge! I like the sound it makes f-uuu-dge."

Meg, 10, Bury

"I like the word through because it has got the sound oo in it and that is my favourite sound!"

Sumaia, 11, Hounslow

"My favourite word is RANDOM - I don't know why!"

Jason, 13, St Helen's

"My favourite word is horse because they are the best things in the world!"

Rebecca, 9, Norris Green

"I like the word family because they are there for me 24/7."

Chloe, 11, Plymouth

"The French word voilą is awesome, I love the word love to!"

Charlotte, 12, Leicester

"Don't ask me why but I love the word alliteration. Spelling it out real quick is kind of fun."

Anna, 9, Norwich

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