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Last Updated: Tuesday May 01 2007 10:00 GMT

I'm learning first aid at school

First aid box

Press Packer Fern tells us why she thinks learning about first aid is important.

"My school has started to offer first aid lessons every Monday after school in our school hall.

For the first couple of weeks we learnt the basics.

Soon we developed our skills and learnt how to deal with injured people and the recovery position.

Check breathing

At the moment we are learning how to check for DABC.

D is for danger; before starting a rescue you need to check there are no dangers which could hurt you.

A is for airways; you check that there is nothing blocking the airways like the tongue.

B is for breathing; you need to listen for the person breathing and watch their stomach rising.

C is for circulation; you need to look for obvious signs that the blood is circulating like the colour of their skin, lips and fingers.

Might be useful

At the moment each of us is taking turns at being the patient.

However, soon we will use a dummy.

There is a lot of information to take in during each lesson but I am very determined to learn first aid and enter a school competition on behalf of my school.

I also like learning first aid because you never know when it might be useful."

Fern, 13, Hampshire

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