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Last Updated: Monday April 02 2007 14:24 GMT

Lizo reviews episode two of Doctor Who

The Doctor and Martha in The Shakespeare Code

Our biggest Doctor Who fan Lizo reviews the second episode of the third series - The Shakespeare Code.

For those of you who think that anything involving the world's most famous play writer, William Shakespeare, must be boring, think again.

Because this is a hugely entertaining story which has all the elements of a classic Doctor Who episode. It has a famous historical figure, The Doctor trying to solve a creepy mystery and a group of witches doing their best to bring about the end of the world.

It's Martha's first trip in the Tardis, and The Doctor whisks her back to the year 1599 where they make their way to London's Globe Theatre to watch the first performance of a classic Shakespeare play.

But things aren't what they seem. Three mysterious witches are very interested in a new play being written by Shakespeare, not to mention the people dropping dead around the famous writer.

Writer Gareth Roberts has come up with one of the best Doctor Who scripts yet. It's fast and clever, and also lets us get to know Martha a little better.

The historical episodes are usually expected to be among the most enjoyable Doctor Who stories. And this one does deliver.

One minute you'll be laughing out loud, the next you'll be watching something terrifying happenings on the screen. And there's even a fabulous Harry Potter reference for people like me!

The best scenes are the ones involving The Doctor and Shakespeare, who has great insight and notices things about the Doctor that no-one else has.

A bit disappointing is that Martha doesn't really have that much to do in the story - we're still at the stage where she runs around after The Doctor watching him save the world. Hopefully, later in the series, she'll become a bigger and more important part of his adventures, and we'll truly get to see her and The Doctor as a team.

Still, Gareth Roberts has delivered a great rollercoaster ride of a story, which Who fans will love.

7 and a half out of 10

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