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Last Updated: Tuesday April 03 2007 05:43 GMT

Cooking is a good skill to learn

Children in a cooking class

Press Packer Charlie enjoys going to her cookery club and tells us the types of dishes she has been making.

"I am writing about a club that I go to after school every Thursday.

It is cookery club and all the other people that attend are my friends from my school.

Sweet or savoury

The best part is tasting what you've cooked, burnt or not!

Every week we make something new, either sweet or savoury.

In the previous weeks we have made leek and potato soup, chocolate cake and scones.


I mostly enjoy this club because it makes me realise what effort my parents put into making my meals every day.

I also like the feeling of independence it gives you, because the supervising adults will trust you with a knife, although they won't let us use the oven!

Up to you

It is also good because they only intervene when you are mixing your ingredients.

They will come if you need help, but otherwise, it's up to you.

New skill

So, why not join an after school club with a few of your mates.

You don't know what new skills you can learn until you've tried it!"

Charlie, 11, Middlesex

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