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Last Updated: Thursday March 29 2007 12:00 GMT

World's tallest man gets married

Bao Xishun with his wife Xia Shujian

See what the happy couple look like when they stand side by side.

The world's tallest man has found love in his hometown after hunting high and low around the world to find a bride.

Bao Xishun, a herder from Inner Mongolia who is 2.36m tall (7ft 9in), towers above his new wife, Xia Shujian, who only just reaches up to his elbow.

But she said that as they got to know each other she stopped noticing how incredibly tall he was.

Until he was 16, Mr Bao was the same height as his friends but he shot up to his current height by the age of 23.

Some very tall people grow so much because they have a medical condition, but Bao Xishun is just naturally tall.

Last year, he hit the headlines when he used his extra-long arms to help two dolphins in China who'd nibbled some plastic off the edge of their aquarium pool.

The plastic was making the dolphins ill and vets couldn't help, so Bao Xishun reached into their stomachs to remove the plastic instead.

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