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Last Updated: Tuesday April 03 2007 06:37 GMT

What do you think of the Potter 7 cover?

The whole Harry Potter cover

The last and final Harry Potter book cover has been released - what do you think of it?

Have you looked closely at it? Do you think it shows any clues and hints about what will happen in the final book?

We want to know all your thoughts!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your Comments

"I think it looks brilliant! The back of it looks really mysterious with the full moon on the back!"

Beckey, 13, Armagh

"I think it looks like a really good book to read..I .can't wait to get it."

Corey, 10, Leigh

"I don't like it because I hate the way it is so cartooned and if I saw that on the shelf in the bookshop I would never buy it!"

Whitey, 11, Chiswick

"I don't like it because it's too bright. It just doesn't have the Harry Potter and Hogwarts feel about it."

Rachel, 10, San Jose

"I think the cover looks great, especially as it's the last book."

Jessica, 9, Bushey

"Who cares about the cover? It's the story that counts, anyway all the Harry Potters have been brilliant!!"

Andrew, 10, Basingstoke

"I think it's rubbish. They look about 60 and it's not very attractive"

Lottie, 10, Leven

"It's alright, but I'm not bothered what the cover is like. I know the books are good, and hopefully this one is too. It's what's inside that counts"

Sophie, 13, Weymouth

"I think it is ok, not bad, it makes it look interesting and I can't wait to read it."

Nachida, 12, London

"I couldn't even figure who Hermione was!"

Liz, 11, Newcastle

"I think it's a great cover, if not the best out of all the Harry Potter series. It is very intriguing and makes me want to know where they are and what they are doing. 10 out of 10!"

Isabel, 12, Oxted

"I think it is the worst cover yet. The characters look really strange and I think it reveals far less of the story. I think that the American cover is better."

Harry, 11, Saltash

"They look kind of geeky and different from the other books."

Connie, 12, Bradford

"I think the cover is weird and doesn't look like the people, but I don't really care as long as the book's good!"

Laura, 9, Shrewsbury

"It's good! That's not Ron! It's Malfoy by far!"

Kitty, 12, Chelsea

"I personally don't think it's a good cover. It's just not up to the standard of the past books! I mean it looks more like a cartoon pic rather than a serious book cover! "

Melissa, 12, Horsham

"I think the cover is fabulous."

Simran, 10, London

"It is awful! Ron looks like he is 50, Hermione looks like she has squeezed into a kettle and Harry looks like he has had plastic surgery! It looks like a fairy tale, not a book of suspense!!!"

Sarah, 10, Leeds

"I'm not sure. It isn't very attractive on the front, but the back looks amazing. My friends and I don't think that it looks like Hogwarts on the back, so we wonder what it is. We can't wait to read it, the cover isn't going to put one of Potter's biggest fans off!"

Maddie, 12

"I think it makes the characters look very geeky! I've always had them pictured as quite cool! but I like the back!"

Abi, 13, Northamptonshire

"I think that the cover is awful because all the characters look weird and it doesn't look realistic and doesn't give an impression of the story."

Makmuda, 12, London

"I think there's too many things going on and there should be less, but it's the book that counts not the cover."

Lucy, 9, London

"Yeah it might be a portal sucking them in. I heard that Harry will not die but will lose all of his magical powers."

Erin, 12, Edinburgh

"It is not good! I am really disappointed...But the back is ok I guess."

Mi-Gyung, 9, London

"I think the cover is brilliant and a portal is sucking the magical world in and everything is banished."

Michael, 12, London

"I don't like the cover, I prefer the other Harry Potter books."

Amie, 9, Scotland

"Its ace! It shows the trio in a top security vault at Gringotts!! That's a goblin on Harry's back with Gryffindors sword ...maybe they are destroying a horcrux?"

Leigh, 9, Isle of Man

"I think that the new cover is great and I can't wait for the book. It is the best thing happening this year!"

Mandela, 13, London

"It looks a bit cartoony but I don't judge a book by its cover."

Shannon, 11, Taunton

"I think it is rubbish and I am one of Harry Potters biggest fans."

Shaq, 12, Manchester

"I think the cover is quite disappointing, it doesn't look as exiting as all the other books."

Ashley, 13, Huddersfield

"It's simple and plain and it doesn't really tell you much about the actual story like the other ones do."

Lozi, 11, Leeds

"I think its alright but not as good as the other covers."

Jordan, 13, Doncaster

"I think it's a very jumbled up cover and it's not very attractive!"

Olivia, 11, Barry

"I hate it! I've read all the books and this is by far the worst cover in the history of book covers! Whoever designed this should be ashamed!"

Trisha, 13, Edmonton

"This Harry Potter book looks brilliant, I cannot wait to get it!

Stuart, 12, Barnsley

"It shows the trio united but what is that creature with his hand on Harry's shoulder? And what is Harry lunging for? I think the cover looks awesome!!!"

Falak, 13, Reading

"Well I think that the books are far too long, the films are so much better. The new book cover looks very different and weird."

Jasmine, 13, London

"It's brilliant. I think they find some treasure in a secret room. I think that's where Harry battles Lord Voldermort or should I say You-Know-Who!"

Raagi, 10, London

"It's wicked!"

Rebecca, 12, Newcastle

"It is interesting and makes me want to read it!"

Bethan, 12, Stockport

"The cover looks very spooky. It makes you want to read the book. I can't wait for the book to be released."

Christopher, 9, Birmingham

"I think this is probably the worst cover out of all of the books!"

Amy, 12, Wokingham

"I think it is way to cartoony for such a style of fiction book."

Satchi, 11, Milton Keynes

"I think it means that they might meet a dragon!"

Bake, 9, Tunbridge Wells

"It looks to me like they are coming out of a tunnel slide, Harry's robes are all ripped on his left sleeve, and all their faces are red. Ron & Hermione are looking in horror either side of Harry, and I would love to know what is reflected in Harry's glasses."

Alexander, 10, Makerfield

"It is not as good as Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, it is quite disappointing."

Eve, 9, Stockport

"The cover is awful. The characters are like cartoons and clash with the background. I just hope the book is better than the cover!"

Jessica, 11, Halifax

"To be honest the cover is awful, extremely unappealing. Puts you of the book. But like they say don't judge a book by its cover."

Aleesha, 12, Leicester

"I hate it, there is no relation to the other covers. It is too cartoony."

James, 11, Santa Cruz

"I think it's rubbish. In my opinion, it portrays the characters really badly. For example, Hermione looks chubbier than I imagined her. The previous book covers have been better. But I know I can trust J.K for a wonderful story."

Jenna, 11, Poole

"The cover looks so cool, I am camping out with my dad for the book, I can't wait!!!!!"

Brandon, 11, Rotherham

"There's plenty of riches there, maybe something about his small fortune? And there look like a sword, possibly Gyffindor's sword."

John, 11, Luton

"Cool cover - I prefer the adult one though. But who really cares about the front cover? It's the story that counts!!"

Sophie, 12, Windsor

"Frankly it looks awful and very unappealing. If someone didn't know of Harry Potter, I don't think it would persuade them to take it from the shelf and read it."

Eleanor, 11, Kidderminster

"Although the cover is not as informative as the others it does give you the idea that there may be something to do with Dumbledore because of the back."

Victoria, 13, Reading

"Well, I think that it will be boring and I prefer the movies to the books even though I love to read. And it looks like it gives the story away by the front picture."

Tamara, 11, Warrington

"It's totally rubbish. Honestly, it looks really cartoonish and childish. The back part is OK. I hope the US edition is better!"

Raby, 13, Dubai

"The front of the cover doesn't seem to be the same style as the back. I love the design of the back, but I think the front is a bit babyish and should've been made more scary."

Hannah, 13, Derby

"I think that it will still involve Hogwarts as there is a picture of it on the back. I think it is good that there is so much stuff on it as it gives you clues but I really don't like the way they've done Harry, Ron and Hermione. Also if you look at the cloud on the back cover it looks like the face of a troll or something. Also, IT'S A FULL MOON!"

Leila, 10, Todmorden

"I think it's the best cover yet! The white castle could be Hogwarts but as it white it might have something to do with Dumbledore!"

Daniel, 12, Birmingham

"If you look at the cover carefully Harry looks as if he is trying to grab the green egg thing. Could this be the final horcrux? Also, could the portal thing in the background be in the locked door in the Ministry of Magic?!"

Melissa, 13, Castleford

"I am a Harry Potter fan I love all his books and films!!"

Chloe, 10, Cardiff

"It's good, it should have been a little less packed together as it looks like they're bursting out of the book, though that makes it seem more exciting! It makes me really want to read it!"

Lisa, 12, Watford

"It's not a great cover but it's decent. You're all missing something... can you see the sword near Hermione? Dobby's holding it - Dobby's on Harry's back!"

Tanaya, 11, London

"I don't like it now, but I probably will when I have read it and understand what it means."

Cat, 11, Newcastle

"I don't think that the cover is that good. They could have made it look evil as it's the last book, maybe a bit like the American version?!"

Brett, 13, Faversham

"The cover is very cartoon like, it's childish and doesn't really live up to the other covers. It also looks like Harry's had a nose job!"

Georgina, 12, Penrith

"I think that the cover is too complicated while all the other ones were simple."

Natasha, 11

"It will do but they could of done better."

Georgia, 9, Morecambe

"It is not as good as the others as it seems too cartoony. It does not resemble the Harry Potter characters we know and love!"

Jessica, 12, Wisbech

"I think the cover is rubbish!"

Stacey, 10, Glasgow

"I am really annoyed with the cover and I think they have gone overboard with the colours."

Steven, 10, Dumbarton

"I think it is AMAZING!!!! It's better than what I thought it would be!"

Faye, 11, Liverpool

"I think it makes make them look stupid, the colours don't work and honestly it's rubbish."

Oliver, 12, Westbourne

"It looks great! I'm really looking forward to the book, I can't wait! The cover makes me think that something dangerous is going to happen!"

Ashley, 12, London

"I don't like the front, but I love the back!"

Audrey, 12, Enfield

"I don't think the cover of this book is as good as the other ones. It looks a bit too grown up and it is like one of those American teen movies."

Alexander, 9, London

"I love the cover. It makes me think that Harry, Ron and Hermione are searching for horcruxes!"

Katie, 10, Fife

"I don't really like it. I thought that it would look a bit more like the Half-Blood Prince. But I guess it will have to do."

Nina, 13, Sheffield

"I am really disappointed - it looks really childish! I like the back cover, but when I saw the front cover I actually checked the date to check that it wasn't April 1st!"

Emily, 13, Reading

"It definitely looks exciting, and I am glad to see Ron and Hermione on the cover too. I can't wait for the 21st!"

Emma, 12, Oxford

"The colours don't work together well, and the cover picture is pretty rubbish to be honest..."

Dan, 13, Ireland

"It looks really good! I don't know what it could be, but treasure has to be a good thing, doesn't it?"

Helen, 13, Lowestoft

"I think the new Harry Potter book is good. It makes you think about what's going to happen but at the same time not giving too much away!"


"They are the best covers of the series! The UK kids and adult and the American version are all so different, revealing and beautiful in their own way! This book is going to be just amazing!"

Clara, 13, Northern Ireland

"I think that Harry, Ron and Hermione are in a Gringotts safe and that's why there is a lot of treasure!"

John, 12, Dublin

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