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Last Updated: Wednesday March 28 2007 13:34 GMT

Final Harry Potter cover released

The new cover

The cover for the seventh and final Harry Potter book has been unveiled.

It shows Harry, Ron and Hermione in their cloaks, looking shocked and surrounded by what seems to be magnificent treasure. What can it mean?

The illustration is by Jason Cockcroft, who did the covers for the last two books - Order Of The Phoenix and The Half-Blood Prince.

The book is also being released with a more grown-up cover for adults, which appears to show Slytherin's pendant.

Part of the US cover
Part of the US cover
The American cover, which is different to the British one, has also been released.

It's a picture of Harry in what looks like an ancient stadium, getting ready to face Voldemort, with scenes of destruction around and people looking on in the background.

Fans have still got nearly four months to wait to find out what happens in the book. But these cover illustrations are the first big clue.


On the kids' British version, the words on the book jacket describe how "Harry is waiting in Privet Drive" with The Order of the Phoenix "coming to escort him safely away without Voldemort and his supporters knowing - if they can".

It also has a picture of what appears to be Harry's stag Patronus. And what looks like an image of a snake inside a glass orb.

Slytherin's locket
Slytherin's locket
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released at one minute after midnight on 21 July.

The book will be 608 pages long, which makes it the third longest in the series.

Only Goblet of Fire and OOTP have more pages.

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