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Last Updated: Wednesday March 28 2007 06:46 GMT

Child labour warning on choccie


A BBC report has showed that it's worth thinking twice before tucking into your fave choccies this Easter.

It found that in some places children are being used to farm cocoa - the stuff used to make the snack.

It means the children miss out on going to school and other important things. Many of them have never had choccie.

Experts say the way to make sure that what you eat isn't harming anyone is to look out for the Fairtrade logo, found on products which don't exploit people.

Fairtrade logo
Fairtrade logo

The BBC found that children in Africa are being used to chop down cocoa pods, which is dangerous work.

Because chocolate is so cheap, some farmers aren't making enough money to pay people for this labour.

But Alison Ward, from one of the british confectionary bodies, said: "Cocoa is a family farming business and the majority of farmers farm responsibly and look after their children."

Chocolate-makers claim they're doing what they can to stop child labour, but in some places it's clear our fave sweet food is leaving a bitter after-taste.

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