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Last Updated: Tuesday March 27 2007 18:05 GMT

Man's record run around the world

Robert Garside

A British runner has bagged a new record for becoming the first person to run around the world.

Robert Garside started out on his epic adventure in 1997, and took five years and eight months to run more than 35,000 miles across 30 countries.

But it's taken years to prove that he really did do it without walking.

He had to give the Guinness World Records video footage, receipts and local news stories from his trip before they could confirm his achievement.

Now they've given him a certificate to silence his critics and prove he is a genuine record-holder.

Mr Garside said: "I followed the guidelines, I did the run, Guinness have ratified the run and I am happy with that."

New challenge

It was a very eventful trip which included being jailed in China and meeting his future wife in Venezuela.

But if you think he'll be putting his feet up now, you're wrong. He's already planning his next challenge - swimming around the world!!

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