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Last Updated: Thursday March 29 2007 06:22 GMT

I went back to my old school

Jacqueline Wilson talks to school children

Top children's author Jacqueline Wilson went back to her old school which was the inspiration for her new book based on her life, Jacky Daydream.

Newsround decided to give her the special honour of becoming a Press Packer for the day - here is her report.

"I came back to my old class to see how it had changed. I was so impressed - it was bright and friendly.

Next, I went to the blue room, a room now used for quiet and relaxation. I used to creep up here. It was totally forbidden!

A young Jacqueline Wilson
A young Jacqueline Wilson
I then went to Mr Branson's classroom. He was a very scary teacher. He was the one who nicknamed me Jacky Daydream.

If you yawned he would make you run round the playground five times to breathe in air.

Back to the beginning

The children asked me some questions while we sat in the playground. Why did I write about me?

I decided to write my own life story because many children asked what it was like when I was young.

Sign my name

Newsround then filmed me outside the front of the school and I welcomed everyone inside.

I sat with some children to show them some pictures of when my friends and I were young.

Finally, it was time for assembly, where I spoke to the whole school.

I told them that Jacky Daydream starts from the day I was born, then goes on to my childhood - the books and games I liked - and right up to when I was 11 years old and went to secondary school.

The children also saw a book that I had written when I was in year five."

Jacqueline Wilson

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