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Last Updated: Friday March 30 2007 15:28 GMT

How should school bullies be punished?


Pupils should be able to suggest punishments for bullies in their school, according to a report from a group of MPs.

They say it's only fair for victims to have a say in the way bullies are punished, such as make them pick up litter after school.

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Your Comments

"I think bullies should be punished by making sure they aren't ever out to cause trouble... and that means not playing out on the school grounds!"

Aimee, 11, St Helens

"Depending on how much they've hurt the victim, a necessary punishment should be carried out."

Eleanor, 12, Ireland

"I agree with most of the suggestions but I think that bullies should be suspended for a while and in that time see a psychiatrist. Hopefully, they can sort out their problems and come happier and less frightening."

Amy, 13, Greenock

"I think bullies should be expelled the first time they bully someone. We also think that maybe they are scared of being bullied and that's why they bully someone else!"

Kenny & Maik, 12, Amsterdam

"We think all bullies should be punished, in California in high schools if you bully someone once you spend detention in da principal's office for the whole week. If u bully someone twice u get expelled for da whole week and if u constantly bully someone u r expelled permanently."

Sabrina, 13, California

"Well, it depends how bad the bullying is. If it gets worse, send them to jail."

Mazzie, 13, London

"Bullies are just cowards who pick on someone younger or weaker than them! All bullies should be punished because they make lots of kids scared and force them to do things they don't want to do!!!"

Lauren, 12

"You should catch bullies and fine them money or give them two hours detention in school."

Mohammed, 12, Rochdale

"Depends on what type of bullying is happening but I think they should go in some type of camp."

Emma, 13, Oxford

"I think bullies should get suspended and then they should clean toilets on weekends till the end of the year."

Nicholas, 11, Birmingham

"I think bullies should be expelled."

Rebecca, 10, San Antonio

"Make bullies do one weeks worth of community service work. Same with NZ if you steal and are under 18 then you have to do community work."

Anna, 12, New Zealand

"I absolutely love cycling, I go out nearly every day. I think that's a great idea because some people go out on the road and fall off their bikes and that's very dangerous."

Fatma,11, Belfast

"I think that the bully should be suspended from school and have a psychiatrist round to help them look at their social problems and also find out if they are being mistreated at home as well."

Emma, 13, Hampton

"I think that the bullies should be put in another school and then they can see how they like that!"

Chloe, 10

"I think that for every day that they bully, it's worth one week of detention."

Connor, 10, Birmingham

"I think they should give them a warning then if they keep at it then they should call their parents, or if that doesn't work then exclude them!"

Sophie, 11, Southampton

"I think they should be punished depending on how badly they treated others. Suspending them lets them off too lightly. I think they should get the feeling others get throughout bullying or be put in the isolation room for at least a week because there is nothing I hate more than bullies"

"I think that bullies should be punished by putting them in exclusion to see how they feel to be excluded and left out"

Jade, 13, Dudley

"I think bullies should be suspended so they learn a lesson. When they have they can come back, but if they carry on then they should be put in jail."

Laura, 9, Alton

"I think they get off too easily, they should do a janitor job for at least a month depending on how bad the victim was treated. Many people think they should see how it feels to be bullied but if someone gets back at them by bullying then that makes them a bully too."

Danni, 13, Crawley

"I think they should be suspended for a week and then put on litter duty, and if it still continues they should be put in jail."

Oisin, 10, County Londonderry

"I hate bullies and think that if they bully someone they should be put on a young offenders register and excluded from school."

Hannah, 12, Nottingham

"Bullies should go to some sort of detention centre where they get treated the way they treat others."

Alice, 12

"If they're over ten then they should go to court"

"I think that bullies should either get suspended from school or be interviewed by the police."

Paige, 10, Harrogate

"I think the person who has been bullied should have a say in how the bully is punished. But the teacher should really have most of the responsibility."

Callus, 12, Fife

"I would have them put in a support centre where they would learn the error of their ways and community service for a week."

Jasmine, 12, Rotherham

"I was bullied at my old school and my head said that nothing had happened. I believe that children who bully should be isolated for 10 school days so they make the victim feel much safer at school."

Niknak, 13

"I have been bullied verbally and physically. I think bullies should do community service to make up for what they have done."

Aamir, 12, Leed

"I would get the bully suspended."

Erica, 13, Manchester

"I think bully's should be punished by no breaks and in one class all day and counselling for why they were doing it. "

Amy, 11, Blackpool

"Bullies should get excluded from school for a week or so. I don't think they should go to prison."

Rozzi, 12, nr. Bristol

"I have been bullied in all three of the schools I have been to and I think that they should be excluded as it probably makes the victim feel more safe."

Rebecca, 13, Yorkshire

"I think that bullies should be permanently excluded from all schools. So then the parents have to find home-school education for them and they get into trouble with their parents. Think it's unfair? Well so is bullying!"

Robyn, 12, Northampton

"Bullies should be punished because it makes the victim feel safer."

Jordie, 12, Yeovil

"I would get them expelled because sometimes teachers just say don't do it again, and the bullies do bully other children again, so why not get them expelled?"

Marriam, 11, Leicester

"It depends, if it was just name calling I'd give them detention for the day, but if it was hitting or punching I'd give it for a week."

Emz, 11, South Wales

"If you are being bullied tell you teacher and see if he/she will help you because it worked for me when I was being bulled. And don't be scared if they say "don't tell anyone or I will beat you " they will get in trouble themselves."

Laura, 13, Paignton

"They should copy the dictionary out."

William, 10, Melton Mowbray

"I think that if someone is being verbally bullied they should just walk away and ignore the bullies. But if someone is being physically bullied they should be allowed to fight back."

Lauren, 11, Aylesford

"I would suspend the bully for a day and give him/her janitor service for half a week. If they are found bulling again I'd increase the punishment."

Toby, 13, London

"It depends on the type of bullying. If it was name calling then suspend/expel them from school. But if it is racial/hitting, then suspend them from school and while they are off and on the weekends make them pick up dog mess in a park."

Jason, 13 St. Helens

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