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Last Updated: Monday March 26 2007 14:59 GMT

Lizo reviews Doctor Who: Series Three

The Doctor meets Martha

Our biggest Doctor Who fan Lizo reviews the first episode of the third series - Smith and Jones.

OK, here we go. It's time to set course for the middle of June and fly off for another three months of adventure with The Doctor himself.

From this episode, called Smith and Jones, it's an adventure through to the last episode whose name can't be revealed until Tuesday, but it sent a shiver down my spine (and you can read for yourselves what it is in the new Radio Times).

First episodes in a series can be tricky - and this one's main job (apart from to entertain, of course) is to introduce The Doctor's new companion Martha Jones.

New adventures for the Doctor and his new assistant Martha
Here's the big question - is she a good replacement for Rose? The answer, happily, is YES (in capital letters, no less)!

It all kicks off in a London hospital where medical student Martha is studying.

There are a few strange patients wandering around the place. But before long there's a bigger problem to deal with.

The whole hospital has ended up on the Moon. How has it got there, and is it anything to do with a troop of rhino-faced aliens?

To be honest, the adventure part of the story takes a bit of a back seat to the setting up of the relationship between The Doctor and Martha.

As with Rose's family in the first series, the episode takes a fair bit of care showing us Martha's nearest and dearest.

And that's part of what makes the show such a success. We know what life at home is like for The Doctor's companion. From the good to the bad.

New assistant Martha
So what's Martha like? Well, she thinks on her feet and is a lot more feisty. And it's another great script from Russell T Davies.

There are lots of jokes that people who've followed the first two series will love. And every time the story seems to be pausing for breath, it instantly hurtles off again.

It's not one of the absolute best episodes, but is a good solid start to the series. And it promises great things for the next 13 weeks.

7 out of 10

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