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Last Updated: Sunday March 25 2007 18:41 GMT

In pictures: New Doctor Who pix from series three

Martha (Freema Agyeman) working in the hospital

The first episode of the new series starts at the Royal Hope Hospital, where the Doctor's new assistant Martha (Freema Agyeman) is a medical student.


Looks like Martha's found something that's not quite right, but what could it be?

The Doctor with his assistant Martha

Maybe she'll have more luck working it out when she teams up with the Doctor (David Tennant).

The Doctor and Martha

Then they are making a run for it through the hospital corridors. But what are they running from?

Florence Finnegan, played by Anne Reid

Surely it's not this slightly nutty-looking old lady, Florence Finnigan (Anne Reid)?

Florence Finnigan and the Doctor

She might look all sweet and innocent, but is she all she seems?

The Doctor

The Doctor certainly doesn't look too happy anymore.....

The Doctor being held by a sinister-looking character

Uh-oh, he's been caught. But who, or what, is that sinister-looking character behind him?

The Doctor being held by a character dressed in black.

Whatever it is, it's done something to take the Doctor by surprise!

The Doctor and Florence Finnigan

Is that Florence who's walked in on them? Maybe she'll try to help......

Florence Finnegan, played by Anne Reid

Oh, hang on.... she doesn't look that friendly anymore does she?

Mr Stoker (Roy Marsden)

Thank goodness the hospital consultant, Mr Stoker (Roy Marsden), seems to be keeping an eye on things.

Mr Stoker being held by one of the characters in black

But he forgot to look over his shoulder! Now the sinister characters in black have got him too.

Mr Stoker

What on earth's going on? You'll have to wait to catch the full episode on BBC1, on Saturday 31 March, to find out.

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