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Last Updated: Sunday March 25 2007 12:15 GMT

Massive quake hits coast of Japan

Rescue workers search for survivors

A massive clean-up is under way after a huge earthquake hit the west coast of Japan's largest island, injuring loads of people and causing major damage.

One person has died and rescuers are still trying to find anyone who may have been trapped under the rubble.

Earthquakes are quite common in Japan, but lots of people were surprised at how strong this one was.

The Japanese government has promised that anyone who's been affected by the quake will get they help they need.

The earthquake hit the coast of Honshu on Sunday morning and measured 7.1 on the Richter scale, which means it was really strong.

Tremors from the earthquake were felt for miles around.

Tremors were felt as far away as Japan's capital, Tokyo, which is about 200 miles away from the quake's epi-centre.

Many of the people who were injured were hit by falling debris and broken glass.

Practice routine

Elsewhere, there were landslides where soil was loosened by heavy overnight rain, roads were badly damaged, trains were cancelled and flights delayed.

Most, but not all, buildings in Japan are built to withstand very strong earthquakes and the emergency services practice to make sure they can deal with any problems that might happen.

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