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Last Updated: Saturday March 24 2007 10:35 GMT

Cheerleading makes us jump for joy


Two! Four! Six! Eight! Who do we appreciate? Cheerleaders, that's who!

You've seen them in movies and kicking their heels up at American football matches, but the sport's not just about jumping about on the sidelines.

Press Packers Toni, 11, and 10-year-old Beth, from Hertfordshire, tell us more...



"Cheerleading uses organised routines made up from bits of gymnastics, dance and stunts.

You have to be very fit to be a cheerleader - you need to be strong and flexible.

Performing is really good fun as we get to wow the crowds and get a great reaction to our stunts.

Lifts, stunts and tosses are really hard. The more of them you do, the better you'll do.

Cheerleading can be dangerous. But with a good coach, you can learn how to take part safely. You have to be committed and trust each other."



"Cheerleading is most common in America, where cheerleaders are best known for cheering on sports teams at games and matches.

We take part in lots of national competitions. We don't throw pom poms - we throw each other!

I love watching other cheerleaders perform, but best of all is performing myself.

I love cheerleading. I love the feeling it gives me - and taking part with all my friends!"

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