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Last Updated: Thursday March 22 2007 07:46 GMT

Quiz: Newspaper journalism

A selection of newspapers

Question 1

Most daily newspapers come in two sizes - broadsheet and tabloid. Which statement is true?

A: A broadsheet is bigger than a tabloid
B: A tabloid is bigger than a broadsheet
C: Both are the same size (this is a trick question)

Question 2

What is the name for an exclusive story that no other paper has reported?

A: Scoop
B: Dig
C: Shovel

Question 3

Reporters often use a special code to help them write down everything a person says. What is it called?

A: Longhand
B: Shorthand
C: Helping hand

Question 4

A short story printed in a newspaper is called a NIB. What does this stand for?

A: News Information Broadcast
B: News In Brief
C: Not In Big

Question 5

One of these people does not work on a newspaper. Who is it?

A: Reporter
B: Editor
C: Producer

Question 6

A picture in a newspaper is often explained by a sentence underneath. What is this called?

A: Caption
B: Header
C: Footer

Question 7

If a newspaper has done something wrong, they can be punished by the PCC. What does this stand for?

A: The Paper Cutting Corporation
B: The Proper Copy Company
C: The Press Complaints Commission

Question 8

Where does a good reporter keep the names, addresses and phone numbers the people he or she speaks to?

A: On notes stuck to their computer
B: In a contacts book
C: On the back of their notepad

Question 9

Reporters have to finish their news stories by a certain time. What is this called?

A: Deadline
B: Deadend
C: Sell-by date

Question 10

The reporterís name often appears at the top of their article. What is this called?

A: Byline
B: Signer
C: Autograph

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