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Last Updated: Saturday March 24 2007 11:57 GMT

I'm going to climb Mount Everest


Press Packer Charlotte is one of nine children who are preparing for a very special adventure over the Easter holidays.

She told Newsround all about it......

"For the past three months we've been preparing to go on a great big adventure to Mount Everest - the tallest and most famous mountain in the world.

Mount Everest viewed from the south
Everest is 8850 metres high. Charlotte hopes to climb up to 3,800 metres.

Every year loads and loads of people trek up the mountains. This year, we'll be there too taking part in a massive study.

Doctors and scientists are coming with us. We'll be wearing special life vests all the time which measure our heart and pulse rates and we'll be tested every morning.

The higher up you are, the less oxygen there is in the air. This really affects your breathing.

Doctors hope by collecting information they can find new ways to help really ill kids with problems like lung diseases.

It's going to be a difficult journey - so we've been swotting up...

We're going to be walking for up to six hours every day.

We'll be carrying a backpack and hope to climb up to about 3,800 metres.

Charlotte with her special water bottle
Charlotte's water bottle fits in her backpack so it's easy to get to

We're going to take lots of warm clothes because it gets cold during the night.

We're also taking some stuff that cleans your hands if there's no water around, a suede towel which is light and absorbs water quickly and a big water bottle which goes in my backpack and is easy to access.

It's going to be a tough trip but we're all up for the challenge.

And you can keep right up to date with how its going on the Newsround website."

Charlotte, 11, London

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