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Last Updated: Tuesday April 03 2007 13:33 GMT

Cool walrus facts

Walrus (Mikkel Jensen)

At first sight, walruses might not seem the prettiest of animals.

They are enormous, they have long, pointy tusks and small red eyes.

But beneath this unusual exterior is a fascinating creature. Here are 10 things you might not know about walruses...

1. They are huge! They can weigh about two tonnes and measure nearly 4m long - that's heavier and bigger than a small car.

2. They have really thick skins and a layer of fatty blubber to keep them warm in the icy waters of the Arctic.

Walrus (Goran Ehlme)
They are fast underwater
3. The walruses use their tusks to drag themselves out of the water on to ice, and they come in handy in fights with other walruses or polar bears.

4. While on land, they like to stay in groups and scientists think they communicate by grunting, snorting, sniffing and snuffling.

5. The tusked creatures love to sleep, and when they do they snore.

6. In the water, they are really fast and can easily dive to bottom of the sea.

7. They love to eat clams and molluscs - small creatures that live buried under the seabed.

8. Walruses love music! They sing underwater songs that sound like clicks and bells.

9. Mothers spend a long time with their babies, teaching them how to find their food .

10. The tusked creatures live for 40 years.

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