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Last Updated: Monday March 26 2007 06:56 GMT

Should people bring up wild animals?

Knut the polar bear

A row has broken out at a German zoo after keepers took over bringing up a polar bear cub when its mother rejected it.

Some people who support animal rights say that is wrong because the bear would not survive in the wild.

What do you think? Should the zoo have let Knut die? Or is it right that a polar bear should be cared for by humans?

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Your comments

"Why should they kill him? Other zoos have raised tiger cubs with no problems, so why can't these people raise Knut?"

Diana, 11, Hampshire

"I would just love to have him in my house! He is so cute!! Bless him."

Sumaia, 11, Feltham

"I think that Knut should stay at the German zoo until he gets big and then should be put in a cage and sent off to the North pole!"

Emel, 11, Retford

"I think they should save Knut the baby polar bear!"

Sarah, 8, Tipton

"It is a healthy cub so it should be able to live a healthy life, us humans can still live a good life without our mothers!!"

Tanya, Grantham

"You could of looked after it till it was a bit older then give it a natural habitat."

Emma,9, Balloch

"I think it is okay to keep a bear in your house - as long as it is harmless."

Richard, 8, Maidstone

"How could the supporters of animal rights put an endangered animal down? It should be able to live it's life to the fullest and enjoy it!"

Lucy, 13, Hampshire

"I think it's really unnatural for a bear to live in such conditions. Knut should be released into the wild or at least a nature reserve. "

Katie, 13, Scottish Borders

"I think that it was kind of them to keep him as long as they give him the most natural life as possible or maybe find a mother who lost her own cub but all I'm saying really is ... LET HIM LIVE HIS LIFE."

Anna, 9, Frome

"Put the bear back into the wild!"

Caine, 10, Hampshire

"Who would even think that they should put him to sleep? Take him to a reserve if you're not going to take care of him!"

Chloe, 10, Wales

"Yes, people have brought up wombats and other animals before with no problem...why should a polar bear be treated any differently? "

Morgan, 12, Dorset

"It would be really, really sad if they put the bear down because it's really sweet and I think it deserves a chance. If a human was abandoned they wouldn't be put down. Why should an animal be any different?"

Rebecca, 12, Northampton

"It's ok for the keepers to step in as long as they keep it healthy and do as much as possible to keep it as wild as possible."

Class 6, 10, Hull

"I feel sorry for it, it's mum should not have left the poor thing alone. It is the same as mums and dads leaving their children."

Chloe, 10, Northumberland

"People should bring up animals that have been rejected from their mother."

Emily, 10, Brighton

"Polar Bears are of an endangered species. They couldn't have just let Knut to die, but they should bring him up as naturally as possible, and possibly find an adoptive mother to care for him."

Katie, 13, Northampton

"I think it is so cruel to reject this cute little creature."

Beth, 10, Wirral

"I think people should bring up wild animals because if the mother leaves the baby it could die if it gets left alone with no food."

Erin, 11, Kent

"I think the humans should bring it up instead of killing it."

Nida, 8, Bournemouth

"There's no right to kill animals for no real reason. It's the same with us humans, our mums and dads can't kill us. It's the same with animals I think."

Abbie, 8, Burton-on-Trent

"I think it's not cruel to keep an animal in your house, even if it's a wild one"

Hannah, 10, Strensall

"I think it's cruel that they should think of killing it. People have no right to kill animals for no good reason. They're an endangered species."

Annabelle, 10, Salisbury

"I don't think people should bring up wild animals unless they teach them all the things that their mothers would."

Aimee, 13, Norwich

"I think that it's ok for humans to look after wild animals, but if they seem very unhappy, we should let them go. "

Eleanor, 10, Dublin

"If the animal is in a life or death situation then yes, I do believe people should help. I have three words for people who want wild animals as pets, 'get a dog'."

Marie, 13, Tanzania

"I don't think its fair on the polar bear because it deserves a better life!!!"

Natalie, 12, Willington

"I think it's unfair that they were considering to kill such a beautiful creature. All animals are predators in their own way and it's not like we haven't hand-reared animals before."

Catherine, 12, Grassington

"Normally wild animals should be left alone in their natural habitat but if they're really not going to survive there, then I think they should be cared for by people."

Eleanor, 11, Kidderminster

"The bear shouldn't be left to die!! Polar bears are endangered, but that doesn't matter, they still have the right to live!"

Lizzie, 11, Solihull

"I think the keepers had no choice - the polar bear would have died otherwise! Would people just leave a baby to die?"

Sophie, 9, South Wales

"If we were rejected from our mothers - we wouldn't die. Someone would help us. This is no different, the bear should be put in a wildlife park or a zoo."

Rachel, 12, Rochdale

"If they're endangered animals then definitely not. If they're healthy then they shouldn't either, but if they're not 100% healthy then it's up to the zoo keepers."

Robyn, 12, Northampton

"I think that if the worse comes to the worst, of course it's ok! Yes, it won't survive in the wild but if someone helps it, at least it won't die! Anyway, if our mothers abandoned us, someone like social services would help us!"

Katie, 11, Gib

"I think it is a bad idea because if the bear is let out into the wild then it will be easily hunted down. But I also think it is a good idea because they are nearly extinct."

Danielle, 11, Blackpool

"I think Knut should be aloud to be looked after by humans because otherwise he will die!"

Bethany, 12, Berwickshire

"I think that they should have let it die because now people may want bears as pets, and also lots of other zoos will want to have polar bears to attract customers."

Emily, 13, Reading

"I think that we should only bring up house pets, not wild animals. It's unfair to take them out of their habitat."

Lucy, 11, Ireland

"An animal is just like a human. If a child is rejected by its mum I am positive people would save it! So does that mean we should let the child die as it's kinder like they believe it is for the polar bear?"

Qabass, 11, London

"Well I think that if an animal is rejected by his mum then humans should be able to look after him - NOT PUT THEM DOWN!"

Megan, 11, Norfolk

"I think if there is nothing wrong with the animal then they should be kept alive. Polar bears are endangered animals after all!"

Roisin, 11, Leeds

"If Knut could not survive at all in the wild, then I think the humans should care for him."

Faye, 11, Liverpool

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