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Last Updated: Thursday March 15 2007 06:58 GMT

New leopard species revealed

Borneo clouded leopard

A new species of big cat has been found living in the rain forests of Borneo.

The Borneo Clouded Leopard is very rare, and has been named after the island it lives on. It's also found on the nearby island of Sumatra.

Scientists have known about the leopards for a while, but thought it was another type of big cat they had already identified.

But after recent research, they decided the cats on Borneo were so different they were another species altogether.

Borneo Clouded Leopard

The two types of cat have different markings on their fur, as well as other smaller differences.

The Borneo Clouded Leopard can grow as big as a small panther

Compared to the size of the rest of its body, it has the biggest teeth of any cat.

Because it's mostly found on Borneo, experts say this new discovery highlights the need to protect the island's rainforests.

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