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Last Updated: Monday March 12 2007 15:47 GMT

Quiz: Newsround's language challenge


Question 1

Sonali is making a television report about kids learning a foreign language. What is the German word for television?

A: Bahnhof
B: Fernsehen
C: Schule

Question 2

She needs to interview some children and will be travelling to meet them in her car. What is the French word for car?

A: Voiture
B: Croissant
C: Poubelle

Question 3

Sonali meets the children and asks them what they think. What is the Italian word for children?

A: Bambini
B: Baci
C: Bella

Question 4

Sonali is helped by two researchers in making her report. What is the Spanish word for two?

A: Dos
B: Doce
C: Veinte

Question 5

Sonali has finished her report, so she says goodbye to the children. What is the Japanese word for goodbye?

A: Arigatou
B: Konnichiwa
C: Sayounara

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