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Last Updated: Friday May 09 2008 10:26 GMT

What new lessons would you like?


Kids at a school in Derbyshire are learning how to skateboard in PE.

That's fairly unusual, but if you got the chance to take lessons in anything, what would it be?

Maybe you'd love to learn paragliding, or would spying classes be more your thing?

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Your comments

I think we should get taught about childcare as I am only 10 and I normally look after my nephews who are younger then me and I find it hard to cope if one of them has a tantrum!
Katie, 10, Liverpool

I would really love to do cookery class because it sounds really great fun and you get to take home the things you've made.
David, 9, Leicester

I would like rock climbing as I can go right to the top and wave to my friends.
Charlotte, 10, Haverhill

I would like to learn horse riding, rock climbing and rollerskating would be really cool! Ice skating would be cool too. I think we should do martial arts too and cheerleading would be fun since it's really popular in America and I'd like to do it too! Survival things would be fun too like making fires, building shelters etc! We could earn badges in all our lessons to sew onto a sash or whatever like in brownies.
Gemma, 12, Liverpool

I would like to have lessons in photography, as I want to be a photographer when I'm older.
Lola, 12, Warwick

I think in P.E. we should have skateboarding, rollerskating, rock-climbing and abseiling! That would be cool! At my school we learn how to trampoline...I think we should have more exiting sports that would liven up the classroom :D
Lottie, 12, Twickenham

I think that we should have a choice of things like doing photography.
Chelsea, 12, Wakefield

I would love a lesson on plants and trees, we can go out side and learn all their names and how to tell them apart, also we could do some gardening, plant trees and watch them grow!!
Charlie, 13, London

I would like to learn first aid as a primary subject as I want to be a nurse and I think it would be interesting.
Aisling, 10, Enniskillen

I live in the mountains and I think people should learn how to climb them in PE, it's very good for you.
Hero, 8, Betws Y Coed

I want to learn how to drive a car.
Torin, 7, Edinburgh

I want to learn how to be a pirate.
Harvey, 5, Edinburgh

I would like to learn electronics, so you can make T.Vs, lights, Etc.! ^_^
Matt, 12, Tunbridge Wells

I would like to go out biking.
Harriet, 7, Aldrige

I think we should learn how to play cricket.
Natalie, 5, Stevenage

I would love to learn about growing up. There are lots of things I would like to know.
Daisy, 9, Cork

At our school, the school council are trying to get some of our lessons outside!
Florence, 10, Lichfield

I would love to have horse riding lessons it's an active and fun sport.
Hannah, 13, Scotland

I would like to learn how to make films.
Jake, 11, Solihull

I would love to learn to ice skate. I'm not that good and I would love to learn how to do it better.
Clara, 9, Southampton

I would love to learn how to breakdance, I can already do a bit but I'd love to learn some more!
Charlotte, 12, Nottingham

I would love to do dog-showing as an optional subject as I am really into it. I would also like karate lessons because they would be fun!!!!
Alice, 9, West Sussex

I think we should learn to ice skate because it's fun and cool.
Maaza, 10, Walsal

I think it would be cool to have magic lessons.
Callum, 12, Newton Aycliffe

I would like to learn how to ice skate and play ice hockey.
Izzy, 9, Surrey

I would like to have juggling lessons. Although I can juggle I haven't had anyone to teach me anything. Also it's good for other people because it builds up their hand-eye co-ordination and their concentration.
David, 11, Wigan

I'd like to have foreign cookery classes. I'd like to learn how to whip up a lovely biscuit. I'd also love to do any lesson outside. I get bored sitting inside all day especially on hot sunny days!
Kay, 11, Worcester

I'd love to learn ice skating - I'm terrible at it!
Evie, Edinburgh

I would love to do horse riding and ice skating at school because they are my favourite things to do and we don't do many subjects that are fun. I think we should have a choice of a few things that we would like to have lessons in.
Emily, 13, Doncaster

I go to karate and I think they should start getting karate lessons for school!!
Melissa, 10, Coatbridge

I would like Gymnastics lessons every day!
Harrison, 7, Stevenage
I want to learn how to look after pets.
Brier, 9, Edinburgh

I'd really like to learn witchcrafts as a lesson at school, like they do in Harry Potter! We could put spells on all the teachers we didn't like! It would be so funny!
Jules, 11, Blackpool

I think we should be taught film making! I love doing it, and it would be great fun!
Dan, 11, Prestwood

I'd like to have foreign cookery classes. I'd like to learn how to whip up a Thai curry or some sweet and kung pow chicken. Yummy!
Michael, 10, Tottenham

I'd love to do any lesson outside. I get bored sitting inside all day.
Keri, 12, USA

I would love ice-skating lessons and chocolate-eating lessons in school, and also horse riding.
Becksy, 11, Glasgow

I think a new lesson should be outdoor living so when you're older you would know how to make fire.
Greenoor, 12, London

I'd like to learn how to become invisible! I know that's impossible....but it sounds cool!
Rachel, 12, Rochdale

I would like to learn street surfing because it looks exciting and cool but I think my school doesn't know what it is!!
Sam, 10, Leicester

I would love to learn horse riding at school!!
Bethan, 12, Sandiacre

I would really want to have lessons on how to play popular music on the piano!
Hailey, 11

I'd love to have lessons in ventriloquism - where you are taught how to speak without your lips or throat moving!
Faye, 11, Liverpool

I agree that rock-climbing lessons at school would trigger children to get more active, and I also think spy lessons would be cool.
Eleanor, 11, Kidderminster

I would love trampolining!
Marriam, 12, Leicester

I would like badminton and swimming in my school, although a pool might not really fit in!
Medhavi, 12, Wokingham

I would like to learn about friendship and animals because people are hurting the animals and it makes me sad.
Joe, 13, London

I would like to be taught how to cut peoples hair - my friend wants to be a hairdresser when he is older.
Rachel, 10, London

Languages are really cool to learn and very useful. Italian, Hebrew, Spanish, French - I'd learn the lot!
Matty, 12, St. Jacobs

I'd love to learn rock climbing at school - but it's really flat where I live!
Charlie, 10, Swaffham