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Last Updated: Sunday March 11 2007 08:24 GMT

I got the highest Cub badge

Press Packer Matthew with his special scout badge

Cub Scout Matthew loves going to Cubs.

He tells us about doing badges, including taking the highest badge that a Cub can take.

"I am a Cub and I have been one for a year and five months. I really like going to Cubs.

During that time I have got loads of badges like art, science, road safety, chef and so on.

Every time you get a badge you learn a new skill, so for example to get your chef badge you learn to cook things because you don't earn badges for nothing.

I learnt how to cook chicken casserole.

Cub camp

My best badge is the Chief Scout's Silver Award. It's the highest you can get in Cubs and the best.

You can only do this badge if you have already got three badges and one of those must be from going on a Cub camp.

To get this badge you also need to do an activity for eight weeks and show that you have got better at doing it.

On my own

I did orienteering which is where you follow a map to find things on a course.

I did eight weeks of it and went from doing it with my dad to being able to go round a course on my own.

Really proud

I now really like orienteering and I still do it.

It was really exciting when I got the badge because only me and another boy in my Cub pack got the badge and I felt really proud."

Matthew, 10, St Albans

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