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Last Updated: Tuesday March 06 2007 15:01 GMT

PS3: The ultimate console?

Motor Storm

The PlayStation 3 is the final next generation console to come to the UK.

How will it compare to the Xbox 360 and the Wii, which have both been out for a while now?

Does Sony's games machine offer anything the other two don't? Newsround took a sneaky peek, and here's our preview.

What's new?

Like the other consoles it has wireless controllers, online capabilities and technology that lets you watch films, look at pictures and listen to music.

There are features to stop you playing games and seeing things your parents don't think are suitable.

PS3 is also the most powerful of all the consoles, and comes with more memory. That means games can be bigger, look better and sound more impressive.

It comes with a Blu Ray DVD player, which plays high-definition games and DVDs.

On top of that, the console itself is a very classy looking beast - in our opinion, the prettiest machine that you could sit in your lounge.

What are the controllers like?

PS3 controllers
Very similar to the old PS2 controller, except they're wireless.

They also have a motion sensor, a bit like the one in the Wii, but it's not clear if it will be as big a feature as it is on Nintendo's console.

One bad thing is how light it is - it's nice to have something a bit bulky to make you feel connected to the game.

What about the games?

Gran Turismo HD
While we only got a quick go, they seem good.

The main thing, apart from the awesome graphics, was how big they seemed.

You really got the impression you could do much more - like all the limits had been removed from the world of games.

Gran Turismo HD was a beauty, with incredibly realistic-looking cars, and Virtua Tennis is very addictive.

So, what's the verdict?

It's glossy, powerful, and easy to use, with games that look and sound simply astounding.

But, at 425, it's expensive.

You do get a lot of stuff for the cash - including free access to the online PlayStation store, where you can get lots of free downloads.

PS3 v Wii v Xbox 360

The Wii could beat it in terms of sheer easy fun, as well as price, but comes nowhere near in terms of power.

The Xbox 360 is cheaper, but PS3 is top for online content and, on first impressions, what it can do with graphics.

We'll have more on PS3 when it comes out on 23 March, so watch this space for our final review!

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