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Last Updated: Wednesday March 07 2007 14:19 GMT

Audiobook review: Jacky Daydream

Jacqueline Wilson


Jacqueline Wilson


The whole audiobook is narrated by Jacqueline Wilson herself

Release date

5 March 2007


Jacqueline narrates the audiobook exactly as she wrote the book itself - it's just like she is reading her book aloud to you!

She has a lovely, soft voice and is very easy to listen to.

There are six CDs included with a running time of six and a half hours. It's all spilt up into different bits so you don't have to listen to it all in one go!

The only slightly annoying thing is that the tracks aren't always the same as the chapter breaks in the book, and there isn't an index so you have to do a bit of guess work to get to where you last left off.

Hit or miss?

If you fancy being read to rather than reading to yourself for a change, then this is for you. It's so interesting listening to the way Jacqueline reads it - you really get a good idea of how she must have first heard the story in her own imagination.

NR rating

Four out of five

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