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Last Updated: Tuesday March 06 2007 12:15 GMT

Baby rhino birth watched on web

The baby black rhino with its mum, Sita

Thousands of people around the world have witnessed the birth of a rare black rhino in Devon.

A live webcam showed proud mum Sita giving birth to her first calf, who's a girl, at Paignton Zoo on Monday night.

It's the first time a rhino birth has been caught on film and she's also the first black rhino born at the zoo.

The calf hasn't been named yet but is said to be doing well. She had a bit of trouble standing up to begin with but took her first steps overnight.

Baby rhino

Black rhinos are among the most endangered animals in the world so everyone's really pleased that both mum and calf are doing well.

One of the zoo keepers said: "We have waited for this moment for so many years and now Sita looks like she is going to be a model mum!"

Sita moved to Devon from Berlin Zoo in 2002 and lives in a paddock next door to the calf's father - a 1.8 tonne rhino called Kingo.