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Last Updated: Tuesday March 06 2007 05:45 GMT

My crazy colourful holi-day


Thousands of people in India have been celebrating the Hindu spring festival Holi, which is also known as the festival of colours.

Press Packer Kashif lives in Delhi and told us all about his preparations for the festival.

"Holi is the Indian festival where everyone gets covered in colour. It is a really fun and messy day.

It is celebrated every year in March to welcome the beginning of spring and the power of good over evil.

The day before, I go to the market to buy my colour, which is a powder called gulal. I bought red, green, yellow, pink and blue and I got loads as I didn't want to run out.

Next I bought my pitchkari - a water pistol for squirting the colour with.

The colour powder is mixed with water and then sucked up into the pitchkari to spray.

The adults take a more traditional approach to putting the colours on
The adults take a more traditional approach to putting the colours on

Traditionally, powder is rubbed onto each others faces and you say 'happy holi' and hug.

The adults still do this but spraying coloured water is much more fun!

It goes on for hours - until we are worn out. On Monday at school everyone has still got colour on them - even the teachers! The longest my colour stayed on was three days.

This year was better than ever - there were so many of us. It is definitely the most fun we have all year and I wish it could be every week."

Kashif, 12, Delhi, India

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