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Last Updated: Saturday March 03 2007 15:01 GMT

Silvery moon turning coppery red

Lunar eclipse

The silvery moon will turn red on Saturday night when our planet blocks out the sun.

Earth will move between the moon and the sun, meaning the moon will be getting its colour from the stuff in our atmosphere.

If the weather is clear, star gazers in the UK will see the moon turn coppery red or orange.

It's called a lunar eclipse. It starts at 8.16pm and be at its most amazing between 10.25pm and 11.58pm.

How much do you know about the Moon?

In ancient times, people used to get really scared when this happened - thinking it was bad luck.

Then scientists worked out why it happens - so it's not scary after all.

The last lunar eclipse was six years ago.

It doesn't happen very often because the Earth's shadow usually passes above or below the moon, but it's currently in the right place to cause the colour-change.

Unlike some eclipses, eye protection isn't needed to watch this one - and it's worth using binoculars to get a really good view.