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Last Updated: Friday March 02 2007 16:02 GMT

Quiz: Take That

Take That

Question 1

What was the band's first number one single?

A: Pray
B: Babe
C: Relight My Fire

Question 2

Which solo artist used to be a member of Take That?

A: Justin Timberlake
B: Robbie Williams
C: George Michael

Question 3

The boys released their debut single on their own Dance UK label, but what was it called?

A: Promises
B: Everything Changes
C: Do What U Like

Question 4

When did they announce they were splitting up?

A: 1994
B: 1996
C: 1998

Question 5

Mark Owen failed football trials for which club before joining Take That?

A: Manchester United
B: Oldham Athletic
C: Manchester City

Question 6

Two of the band used to be in a break-dancing group called Streetbeet, but which two?

A: Howard and Jason
B: Mark and Gary
C: Jason and Mark

Question 7

Which member of the band has written songs for Charlotte Church, Delta Goodrem and Atomic Kitten?

A: Jason Orange
B: Mark Owen
C: Gary Barlow

Question 8

The boys won best British single at the Brits 2007 with which song?

A: Anger
B: Patience
C: Pray

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