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Last Updated: Wednesday February 28 2007 15:38 GMT

Where does your food come from?


You might know where you can buy all your favourite foods, but how much do you know about where they come from before they hit the shelves?

A special survey's found lots of you are a bit confused about which food comes from which animals.

Loads of eight year olds thought eggs came from cows instead of hens and more than one in 10 didn't know that pork chops and bacon came from pigs.

It's not all bad news as all the kids asked knew milk comes from cows.

But in Wales, one in 10 kids didn't know that cow's milk is also used to make cheese.

Where you live can also affect what you know about your food, as kids who live in the countryside are said to be better at understanding what they're eating than kids in the city.

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