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Last Updated: Tuesday March 13 2007 08:10 GMT

I love going to knitting club!

Press Packer Fatima knitting

Press Packer Fatima thought she'd give knitting club a try and she was really surprised when she found out how much fun it was.

Now she loves making new scarves, bags and accessories and wearing her creations once she's finished making them!

"I don't think many people would consider going to a knitting club.

However, after trying it out I realised it was a fab way to spend my time and a really great way to meet new people!

Press Packer Fatima wearing a scarf she knitted
Press Packer Fatima wearing a scarf she knitted

At the club we are taught how to knit using different stitches like plain or pearl.

We get to choose from a variety of knitting projects.

After learning the basics we all started off with an easy scarf in a plain stitch.


Before joining the club I'd never knitted anything and I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it.

Now I am a confident knitter and have completed many projects!

I'm just in the middle of making a bag that I can keep my needles and knitting in.

Wearing your work

Knitting isn't a hobby that most young people would consider cool but after joining the club I think that everyone is surprised at how fun it is!

It's something you can do while you're relaxing and you know you're doing something useful with your time.

Plus you get to wear all your projects out and about!"

Fatima, 11, Surrey

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