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Last Updated: Monday February 26 2007 11:48 GMT

Should Prince Harry fight in Iraq?

Prince Harry

Prince William's younger brother Harry is being sent to Iraq with his Blues and Royals regiment.

He's the first senior Royal to go to battle for years but some people think it's too dangerous and he could be more at risk than other soldiers because of who he is.

Should Prince Harry and other members of the Royal Family be banned from serving in dangerous places like Iraq?

Or do you think he should be allowed to do the job he loves?

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Your Comments

I think Harry should go to war, he wants to go and if he was not in the royal family he would go. But on the other hand people may target him and his troops.
Alice, 9, Romesy

Prince Harry is a normal person, all the Royal Family are. Whether he's royal or not he should be allowed to do what he wants. It's his life, his choice.
Leila, 10

What's the point in joining the army if you're not going to fight in a war?
Kelly, 12, Birmingham

Yes, Prince Harry should be banned from going to dangerous places. Actresses and Actors like Naomi Watts and David Tennant never go to dangerous places to fight.
Nick, 10, New Zealand

Prince Harry should be able to go to war, and he still has a long way to the throne so it doesn't matter.
Isra, 11, Liverpool

I think Harry should fight in Iraq because it's his decision and his life.
Adam, 10, Harrogate

I think he should if he wants to - he's a normal person so he should decide, but I think he should go!
Salma, 10, Birmingham

To be honest I don't see the big deal, he's just another human being. There is no major fuss when anyone else goes to war so why is there such a big fuss about him? He's no more important than all the other men and women that fight.
Katie, 13, Hampshire

Prince Harry should go to war because he should be treated like an ordinary human and should not get special treatment. If he wants to fight for our country let him.
Cahz, 12, Belton

Prince Harry should not go to war as is he too important and it would be a disaster if he was shot!
Evie, 11, North Luffenham

I think Prince Harry has a perfect right to fight in Iraq like everyone else. It's fantastic that he's allowed and that he can do what he wants to do.
Kat, 12, Somerset

Prince Harry wanted to join the army so he should fight for his country. Many people have joined the army who did not want to go to war!
James, 13, Nottingham

I don't think Harry should go because he will probably be targeted, but if he wants to go it's none of our business - it's his choice!
Liam, 11, London

Harry was just lucky, being born into the Royal Family. He joined the forces, so he should do what he is meant to do and fight.
Sarah, 12, Birmingham

If Prince Harry wants to go to Iraq then that's good because he should be treated like any other soldier. No one cares about normal people fighting in Iraq so why should they care about him going.
Shrena, 13, Hampshire

I think he should be able to make his own choices, it doesn't matter just because he's a member of the Royal Family.
Anna, 7, Clutton

The fighting in Iraq may rise, as they will feel threatened by Prince Harry.
Maria, 13

Prince Harry should not go to war for the opposition could just hold him hostage. And his safety is a burden for the other soldiers. He is also third in line for King.
Dolly, 11, London

He has trained to be in the army but what is the point of training if there's nothing to train for.
Hannah, 12, Hexham

I think it's great that Harry gets to go to war! Just because he is part of the Royal Family doesn't mean he can't get involved in the war, he wants to be in the army so it's only fair he gets involved with the good and bad points about the army!
Lucy, 13, Essex

I think Harry shouldn't be stopped from going to Iraq because it doesn't matter if you're part of the Royal Family you still have your own choice for which job you want to do.
Christopher, 11, Stafford

I think he should because men go to Iraq and die for their country, it is his country so why shouldn't he fight for his country.
Jenny, 13, Chester

Initially I thought it was a good idea, but now I realise that it may cause more attacks on British troops. I don't think it's a good idea. It is risking other's lives and might bring more fighting to Iraq.
Jen, 13, Bath

Harry definitely should not fight in Iraq! He is a prince! My headmistress at school has both her sons in Iraq and it's worrying for her.
Becky, Worchester

I think he should fight because he is no different from all the other soldiers in his regiment. Just because he has a title doesn't mean he's any different from every other solider.
Alice, 11 Lonsdale

I don't think he should go because he is rather important in the Royal Family.
Samer, 12, London

I am shocked that Prince Harry is going and I hope he comes back to England soon.
Kim, 10, London

It is up to him whether he wants to fight or not. Only he can make that choice.
Rosie, 11, Reading

Prince Harry shouldn't fight because he is royal and he is in the line for being king after his brother so he shouldn't fight.
Nathalie, 12, Nottingham

I think it will be good for him to come out and fight for his country. I wish more people would have that kind of spirit!
Jewel, 12, Los Angeles

He wanted to join so let him! We don't pay much attention to other army officers going to Iraq and I bet Harry just wants to be treated the same.
Sophie, 13, Isle of Man

He shouldn't be allowed to fight because he is a very important person and it would be quite sad for the rest of the Royal Family.
Callum, 9, Middlesborough

He knows what he wants to do and as long as he knows what to expect, who are we to stop him?
Malibu, 11, Harrow

No, he should not be able to fight because Iraq want to take over our country, so having a member of the Royal Family fighting is life threatening for Harry because the Queen is part of his family.
Louise, 11, Salisbury

Absolutely! He's in the army so of course he should have to fight if he's asked to!
Turner, 11, Edinburgh

He joined the army so he has the choice to go, but he also needs to be aware of the dangers because of who he is, because when it comes to the battlefield he is as vulnerable as everyone of the soldiers.
Arllen, 11 , Worthing

I think he should definitely go. It is his choice to work for the army, and it is a good thing that he wants to protect his country!
Valentina, 11, New York

If he wants to fight, he can fight. Just because he's a royal it doesn't mean he's any different to the rest of us. It's his life and he can go to Iraq; he will be fighting for his country and if that's what makes him happy, it's fine!
Ellie, 11 , Mirfield

He wanted to join the Army and fighting's part of his job so he should definitely be allowed to go!
William, 12, York

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