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Last Updated: Monday February 19 2007 14:52 GMT

Duck born with extra pair of legs

Stumpy the duck
A rather ugly duckling is attracting a lot of attention, after it was born with four legs.

Stumpy, who's just 10 days old, has already been photographed by lots of people from the press, along with his owner Nicky Janaway.

She spoke about the first time she saw him: "It was absolutely bizarre. I was thinking 'he's got too many legs' and I kept counting '1,2,3,4."

Stumpy is apparently doing well, and using his extra legs as stabilisers.

Other ducks have been born with four legs, but most of them don't survive for very long.

"He's had so much attention he is having a power nap at the moment because he's exhausted, but we will be making sure he's OK and hopefully he will carry on and survive," said Mrs Janaway, who lives in the New Forest in Hampshire.

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