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Last Updated: Friday February 16 2007 15:59 GMT

In pictures: Angellica traces her family

Angellica with Fadu

Angellica Bell is going on a big journey - to trace her family's roots which she knows nothing about. She'll be following the route that the slave trade ships would have taken.

Angellica with people playing Bristol dock workers

Angellica starts off in Bristol, where ships laden with goods would go off to Africa. A DNA test reveals to Angellica that her family were probably from Senegal, West Africa.

Recreation of slaves being shipped

In Senegal, actors show Angellica what would have happened to her ancestors - captured, robbed of their freedom and put onto ships.

Angellica with actors playing slaves

But they also took some time out to relax!!

Angellica gets a traditional headdress

Angellica finds out more about her Senegalese family - and tries out a traditional Senegalese headdress.

Angellica enjoys her dinner

Then she has a traditional Senegalese dinner - sitting on the floor and eating from a shared plate with a spoon.

Angellica filming on the boat to Goree Island

Her enslaved family would have been taken from Senegal to Goree Island, where they would have been kept before being taken to the Caribbean in appalling conditions.

Slave house

Built in 1776, the slave house was where slaves would be weighed, measured and fed before entering "the door of no return" and starting their journey across the sea.

Marriage certificate

In St Lucia, Angellica searches out family records and discovers her great grandfather's marriage certificate, which includes his mum's name, Victoria Lawrencin.

Angellica discovers family records

Another document shows that Victoria Lawrencin was a slave working on a plantation, a giant farm. Angellica realises her family were once slaves.

Angellica catches up with relatives

Angellica catches up with her aunty and can tell her all about her discovery - that her family were almost certainly slaves from Senegal.

What a feast!

Her family in St Lucia put on a party - including Angellica's favourite meal, macaroni cheese! Watch out for the show Angellica: Time Traveller on BBC1 on Monday 26 March at 5pm.

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