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Last Updated: Monday February 19 2007 13:53 GMT

Quiz: The end of the slave trade

Slaves on a ship

Question 1

Which kind of people were commonly sold in the slave trade?

A: African
B: Spanish
C: French

Question 2

Who was William Wilberforce?

A: A campaigner
B: A shopkeeper
C: A kid

Question 3

Where was William Wilberforce MP for?

A: Hull
B: London
C: Bristol

Question 4

Which of these wasn’t a trading port in England?

A: Bristol
B: Liverpool
C: Birmingham

Question 5

When was William Wilberforce born?

A: 1659
B: 1759
C: 1879

Question 6

When did the slave trade end in Britain?

A: 1807
B: 1512
C: 1630

Question 7

The slave trade ships went to three countries. Which shape was it known as?

A: Triangle
B: Circle
C: Square

Question 8

Where were slaves mainly taken to work?

A: Plantations
B: Factories
C: Shipyards

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