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Last Updated: Friday February 16 2007 11:21 GMT

My relative helped end the slave trade

Press Packer Robbie

Robbie has a really famous relative. His great-great-great-great-great grandfather was William Wilberforce - a really important person in putting a stop to the slave trade in Britain - and across the world.

In his report, Robbie tells Newsround what being related to a man hundreds of people have written books about means to him.

"Slavery is really cruel - I feel really sorry for them because they were forced to be separated from their family. I'd never wish that on anyone.

I feel really proud that a relative of mine dedicated 24 years of his life to putting an end to slavery - he achieved so much.

I haven't learned about the slave trade at school yet, but I'm looking forward to finding out more about him.

None of my friends really know who William Wilberforce was. Or that I'm related to him. I'm sure they'll get to know pretty soon.

Unique gift

William Wilberforce was given a special gift from a slave after the end of the slave trade.

William Wilberforce
It was a tobacco box made from the melted down shackles used to chain slaves together.

The box has been handed down through the generations of my family and we have it in my house.

The front of the tobacco box is a picture of a slave chained up begging to be freed.

It feels really brilliant to be able to hold and touch an object that belonged to such a great man."

Robbie, 8, Harrogate

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