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Last Updated: Friday February 23 2007 11:53 GMT

Should bullies go to jail?


A schoolboy who has been accused of bullying might have to go to court and could be locked up for what he's done.

But do you think that's a good way of dealing with the problem?

Do you think bullies should be sent to jail or are there better ways of stopping bullying?

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Your Comments

It all depends on what they've done. The bully should only have to go to jail if what they have done is against the law or truely horrid. Even if what they've done isn't against the law, I think that the bully should get punished nonetheless.
Teresa, 10, Cambridgeshire

If they just tease you or call you names then no, but if they hit, punch or kick you then definitely they need to be taught a lesson.
Molly, 10, Burry

If the bullies just tease people or call you names then they should be given counselling, but if they start physically bullying then give them a short sentence in jail and long term counselling.
Emily, 11, Bury

If the bully does something bad once he should be warned, but if the bully does it again he should be suspended for a week, then if it is done for the third time they should be put into jail for a short time.
Alex, 12, Toronto, Canada

Yes, if it is too bad and they really have a go at younger children.
Nezar, 8, Brighton

Bullying is wrong. It might reduce bullying if they go to jail.
Katie, 10, Nottingham

Locking up bullies is a great idea! detention or even exclusion don't often work so this should do the trick.
Jake, 9, Birmingham

I think that the bullies who hurt the most people should go to court and jail.
Georgina, 8, Wallasey

I don't think they should. I mean, they need to be given a chance to stop but if they don't they should be suspended. Parents play a role in this because they need to be aware of their child's actions. Prisons are full of murderers and robbers so why force a bully to go there?
Lisa, 11, Solihull

I have been bullied and as much as I wish the bullies could be expelled I wouldn't like to see them in jail.
Catherine, 12, Seaham

I think bullies need to be punished but jail is NOT the way. After all, isn't that what most kids want - to not go to school? I think they should have to stay at school for extra hours or some other punishment which means EXTRA school.
Emily, 11, Sunningdale

If the bully does something bad once he should be warned, but if the bully does it again he should be suspended for a week, then if it is done for the third time they should be put into jail for a month
Shrai, 13, London

No, it's not the answer because once the bully is out of jail he will probably do it again.
Aimee, 11, Stornoway

I personally don't think they should go to jail but there should be an alternative for kids like a harsh camp you might have to live at for a month. This would teach people a lesson without wasting space in prisons.
Mellisa, 11, England

Bullies are cowards, they do not understand what they are doing. They should be punished by their parents and their school. JAIL is too harsh!
Shannon, 12, Leigh

I don't think bullies should go to jail. They should be given one or two chances.
Sarah, 12, Dewsbury

No, but they should have to have a punishment because what they do is absolutely wrong and horrid.
Lauren, 10, Ipswich

I get bullied and I think they should have a warning first and if they don't listen then they should go to court.
Louise, 12, Derby

I don't think bullies should actually go to jail. I've been bullied since I started school but I don't think the punishment should go as far. I think there should be a place where bullies can go to try and be better people because it can't be la-de-da being a bully!
Leila, 10

It is not about where you put the bullies, it is about teaching them that what they do is wrong and hurtful.
Honey, 13, London

I think bullies are cowards and there are a lot of them. They shouldn't go to prison as this would take up cells that need to contain rapists and murderers. Parents should deal with it.
Demi, 11, Blurton

No, it is wrong. The punishment should be ruled by the school and his parents. I know bullying is wrong but they shouldn't go to prison.
Lauren, 9, Oxford

No matter how bad a bully is, they shouldn't go to jail. Bullies just don't understand that what they're doing is wrong.
Rachel, 10, Edinburgh

I don't think that bullies should actually go to jail unless they are over 14 and have caused serious damage, otherwise there should be a place where bullies go and are taught seriously the effects that bullying has on other people.
Al, 11, St. Albans

I think that if the bully is caught bullying more than once then they should go to prison. I have been bullied so I know what it feels like.
Emily, 11, Maidstone

No way! I don't think that they should lock bullies up, yes being bullied is bad but they should see a counsellor!
Patsy, 12, Surrey

I think bullies should go to jail because it happens to me in school but my teachers haven't sorted it out so I had enough and had to go to my nearest police station and tell a police officer.
Cameron, 12, Dewsbury

I think bullies should have to do community service. But they should not go to JAIL!
James, 13, Carrickfergus

I think bullies should go to Jail the reason is because it is not nice to be bullied and it really hurts your feelings. If you get bullied tell someone or it will never be off your mind.
Sarah, 11, Galashiels

Bullies should definitely not be sent to jail because that's just stupid. It's hardly breaking the law to bully although it is really wrong. I think that you should have to be 18 or over to go to jail. It could ruin your life to go to jail and you wouldn't be able to go to school.
Chloe, 12, Milton Keynes

I don't think bullies should be put in jail as that is just taking it too far. They would be in jail with adults and people that have even attempted to murder someone. I think they should be expelled and put into a boarding school where they can learn.
Rebecca, 12, Hastings

I think bullies should go to jail because bullying could mess up your life.
Georgina, 10, Surrey

I think they should if it is a very dangerous situation but only if the person is badly hurt.
David, 12, Belfast

Yes bullies should be because I am getting bullied by seven bullies so I think that all people who bully should get put in prison!
Paige, 12, Stockport

I don't think they should go to jail, they could get counselling.
Charlene, 9, Ireland

It depends on how bad the bullying is.
Katie, 11, Tadley

:( I have been getting bullied for almost all of my life and whatever I do about it nothing seems to happen. So I think YES bullies should go to prison! :(
Bronagh, 10, Stirling

The most serious bullies should go to jail, because by constantly doing something serious, they are just criminals in the making, one-time offences should be given a warning, but go to jail if there is more than one offence.
Amy, 13, Bideford

I think bullies should go to jail because I have been bullied before by three girls and it isn't very nice knowing you're singled out! Teach bullies a lesson and let them know how serious the situation is.
Lauren, 13, Manchester

I think this will be a big wake up call to other bullies and might make them stop bullying.
Matthew, 12, East Boldon

I do think they should because when they get told off they think that's it and they do it again. But if they go to prison they will never forget!
Yasmin, 9, London

No bullies should not go to jail that is just too far! I think they should do some community service at least.
Emma, 13, Inverness

I think that they should go to a young offender institute for a while to sort out their problems.
Christine, 12, Skegnes

No, bullies should not go to jail. It is cruel for children under 12 to go to jail. But if the bullying continues the bully should have to do some community service.
Eleanor, 11, Ireland

No but they should do work for the family they hurt and two months of community service to warn off other bullies.
Amy, 12, Mansfield

I don't think bullies should go to jail but they should be given community service for a month.
Frances, 8, London

It's kinda harsh. They shouldn't be put in jail only punished.
Rayman, 11, Rochdale

I don't think that bullies should go to jail because they are ignorant and probably don't know any different.
Hattie, 12

If the bullying is really harsh and causes people to go to hospital maybe they should be expelled and sent to a strict boarding school, paid and authorised by the government, instead of jail. Bullies probably have sad unhappy lives and should be given the chance to redeem themselves.
Rachael, 13, Madrid

I don't think bullies should never go to jail, because if you want to hurt another person so much, you have a problem yourself. Telling them off will just make it worse, you need to speak to them and find out what the problem is.
Angeli, 13, Manchester

Depends. Sometimes people can be bullied so badly, they kill themselves. When that happens jail is what the bullies deserve. Other times the school should manage things properly and never let them get away with it.
Laura, 12, Bury St Edmunds

I think they should, because when they go to jail, they learn to be kind.
Iraz, 11, Turkey

I think bullies should be given one chance to stop bullying and if they carry on they should be sent to jail.
Danni, 11, Birmingham

I don't think that the bully should be taken to jail. If he's got a punishment from the school, I think that it is enough.
Jasmin, 13

It depends on what the bully is like. If they bully and it hurts many people even if they were given a chance to stop, then they deserve to go to jail. However, if it's just a one time thing then that person deserves to be given a chance instead of going right off to jail.
Ashley, 12

I don't think bullies should go to jail because they obviously have a problem themselves and they should be helped not locked away!
Emily, 12, Warrington

Bullies should go to jail.
Alisha, 7, Harn Bay

I think bullies should be given one chance to stop bullying and if they carry on they should be expelled, not sent to jail.
Alice, 12, Virginia Water

If they keep on bullying when they have a warning, then yes because my friend had been bullied so much that she put herself in hospital.
Sophie, 11, Chester

I think as long as they have a warning the first time they bully someone then it's a good idea because if they do it again then it's their own fault if they get locked up.
Becky, 12, Oswestry

I think that's a bit harsh, but if the bully has caused their victim to have a serious injury, I think they should go to jail for a month.
Thomas, 9, Taipei

The most serious bully should go to jail, but prisons are pretty full already, so it's important that only the most serious are locked up.
Charlotte, 12, Leicester

I don't think bullies should be put in jail because I have been bullied before and the school teachers sorted it all out for me my brother and the rest of my family who were concerned and he got badly punished.
Emily, 11, Tamworth

I don't think bullies should get sent to jail! They should just be punished!
Hannah, 12, Dover

They shouldn't go to jail because some of them don't mean to be nasty, but people take it the wrong way.
Erika, 8, Watford

If the bully have done something really serious maybe you should consider prosecution but if it's only mild teasing than probably not.
Toby, 13, London

I think only bullies who have done really serious things should go to jail. This might scare other bullies into stopping. We shouldn't just have jail as a solution for our problems.
Jade, 12, Kent

I think bullies should be put in jail because it might scare other bullies and make them stop.
David, 10, Fife

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