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Last Updated: Wednesday February 14 2007 18:18 GMT

Q+A with poverty problem-solver

Jim Murphy

Kids in the UK aren't as happy as they could be, according to a survey of 21 countries.

One of the reasons for this is that many kids here aren't very well off, despite the UK being quite a rich country.

Last year, Newsround brought you a special programme about kids with problems like this. It was called The Wrong Trainers.

Back then, we talked to the man who is in charge of trying to get rid of child poverty in the UK - MP Jim Murphy.

He joined us again to talk about the new problems facing kids which this survey has revealed.

Lots of kids have told you that they were upset because so many children here are really poor. What are you doing to try to stop this?

We are trying to make sure that every day there are fewer young people growing up in poverty in the UK.

I want to listen to what young people think we should do.

Each day, about 240 children are lifted out of poverty - that's about eight to 10 class-fulls.

We know we have a lot more to do and I think we cannot do it unless we listen to Newsround and the viewers of Newsround about their experiences.

During the Wrong Trainers you spoke to Chris and Dillon, who both come from poor families. They told you that crime, graffiti and bullying are all things that made their lives worse. What are you doing to try to sort that out?

You are right that so many young people are the victims of crime.

What really frustrates me is that sometimes in the newspapers you read about all the bad things that young people have done.

Most young people are really well-behaved.

We must make sure that most young people are protected from this behaviour.

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