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Last Updated: Monday February 19 2007 09:49 GMT

What would make your life better?

What would make your life better?

Children in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Finland are much happier than those in the UK, according to new research.

A survey looked at family life, education and healthy and safety and found life wasn't as good as it could be for lots of kids in the UK. But what do you think?

What are you worried about and what would make your life better? Or do you think kids in the UK are much better off than people think?

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Your Comments

I think NO homework in the holidays would be much better. I had two projects and maths to do in the mid-term break. It's meant to be a HOLIDAY. I think schools push us too hard.
David, 12, Edinburgh

I think that children in the UK could be just as happy as those in the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and Denmark if families spent time together and children felt that they could talk to their parents about their worries and the parents would try to do something about it.
Kate, 10, North Wales

It's ridiculous. The majority of British children have extremely good lives. When you think of the lives children in the third world have it puts all our petty worries into perspective. Children in Britain should theoretically not even worry about exams until their GCSEs when they are 15/16. In reality most of our worries are nothing.
Lozza, 12, Manchester

The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Finland are happy but it doesn't mean we aren't as happy as them. I'm happy, my friends are happy and my family are happy so I guess we are as happy as those kids in other countries'!
Harry, 10, Woking

I think that here in the Netherlands, school is better than in England because it is smaller and everyone can get to know each other better. With such big schools like the one that I went to when I lived in the UK, it wasn't as easy to make good friends.
Andrew, 10 Assen, The Netherlands

I think that we really don't have it bad. There are kids who have awful lives and we go around saying that we hate our life. I am talking about the UK and the US. When people filled out the survey I think that they exaggerated too much.
Olivia, 13, USA

If we didn't go to work.
Mya, 6, London

I'm dead happy and so are all my friends, we all have fun and interesting lives so there is nothing really that could make me happier, so don't listen to research it can't always be right!
Emily, 12, Warrington

I think it's stupid to say that kids in the UK have bad lives when there are people in a much, much worse state in Africa and other third world countries.
Becky, 12, Oswestry

If Britain is so bad for kids, why does so much money get given to other countries when our kids need it to improve their lives? Our parents and grandparents worked and paid taxes for us and for the good of Britain and that is what the money should be used for. Maybe all this money that is being sent to other countries could be given to children in Britain who are being bullied for self defence lessons or for ways to stop bullying.
Liane, 10 Essex

I find school stressful and when I get home I just have more schoolwork to do. I come to hate school, even though all my friends are there.
Lozza, 12, Manchester

No global warming and more kindness to animals!
Lilly, 8, Sheffield

I think that having quality time with family would improve life. I know that lots of families don't even have meals round the table altogether!
Imogen, 11, Surrey

I would be happy if the world stopped fighting and there were no terrorists.
Chanin, 13, London

If poverty ended, I'd be really glad. People that haven't got things, deserve to have them.
Rachael, 10, Edinburgh

My life would be a lot better if global warming wasn't a problem, it is really worrying to know that we could be in danger.
Lucy, 13, Birmingham

I think England is a happy country because we've got playstations and also very good schools and good universities like Oxford and Cambridge.
Bernard, 10, Liverpool

A loving family would make my life better... My parents are divorced and I never get to see my dad and ever since he left nothing has ever been the same. My life would be better if my parents sorted it out and maybe got back together?
Yvonne, 12, Birmingham

I think life is great in the UK. I don't know what the problem is.
Eleanor, 11, Leeds

The UK is a brilliant place to live. If all these people are worried they shouldn't be sending all this money away to other countries when the UK needs it. It does make sense. I would never ever want to move away from the UK I know some places are bad but the rest is lovely.
Hayley, 11, Perterlee

Children in other countries have more opportunities when it comes to higher education as their country is not ruled by social class and wealth, instead it is ruled by equal opportunities which Britain simply doesn't conform to.
Sandy, 12, Glasgow

I think that at my school bullying should be taken more seriously as it's not worried about by the teachers but it is happening!
Sophie, 11, Cambridge

I would like life better if we didn't have the threat of global warming and for people to be much nicer!!!
Olivia, 9, Canterbury

It would be nice to not have the worry of all the lose criminals out there prepared to strike in any way whether it be to kill, mug you, steal something, abduct you, or hurt you in some way.
Jamie, 13, Finedon

I think children in this country are being made out as drug addicts with single parents. The rest of the world are seeing us as this which we are not - many of my friends and family are very happy and the governments should stop making these stupid research things and trying to make out how people in other countries are feeling just leave them be.
Kayti, 12, Glasgow

I am a Christian I have been bullied for it and now I'm going to a Christian youth group and it's really good, and it would be a better place if there weren't drugs, guns, bullies and dangerous things like that! It would be safe for little kids to go outside again and not have to worry about being kicked and hit.
Katy, 13, Preston

I would be happier if everyone led their life in a nice, fair and kind way. I would be happier if there was no school as well!
Beth, 9, Swansea

I think the world would be much happier if everyone stopped being selfish and started thinking about others. Also if they started to trust each other.
Rida, 11, London

I think kids in the UK are much better of than kids in most countries. I think some people exaggerated a bit when they were asked to fill out the survey. But then again that's my opinion.
Reema, 12, London

I think that we need more active things to do for less money. Not everyone wants to sit at home watching telly all day. And that there should be more clubs to be with your friends.
Lana, 10, Wargrave

I think that we need more active things to do for less money. Not everyone wants to sit at home watching telly all day. And there should be more clubs to be with your friends.
Liah, 12, London

My life would be happier if there weren't so many robberies, murders and all sorts of other dreadful things happening. I feel so worried going out into the streets because of this and so do many of my friends.
Lana, 10, Wargrave

Life would be better if there was peace to the world.
Alexandra, 10, Chelmsford

To know that the people around me love me.
Emily, 9, East Hull

The school bus makes me unhappy. Ever since my first year at high school I've been bullied on the bus. Things are getting better but it still makes me unhappy.
Alex, 13, Essex

It would be better if people stopped drug dealing and smoking and kids pick up left over cigarettes and don't smoke.
Chloe, 9, Ashton

We think that being less angry with each other could make us happy.
Year Three, 7, London

I enjoy life but hearing things on the news like murders, poverty and wars makes me unhappy.
Charlotte, 13, Northampton

Young teenagers not doing graffiti on the walls.
Divya, 10, Ilford

The thing that makes me unhappy the most is the dentist. It terrifies me and I always worry about it even if I don't have to go for six months. I am also worried about going to the doctor and hospital. I wish our country had more sympathy for children who are afraid of the dentist and health treatment and the way they deal with our health.
Ellie, 13, Leeds

If there were no bullies.
Chloe, 9, Aberdeen

To have a better life would be to spend more time with your parents instead of them reading a book or something.
Rebecca, 9, Aberdeen

Money. Simple as that.
Eris, 13, Flexistowe

For the parents to care for the children more.
Adam, 11, Burnley

It would be great if we were able to walk out of our front doors and not be afraid people will be shouting abuse at us or us feeling intimidated.
Adina, 12, Hertfordshire

I think we all worry about things we can't control like bird flu, illnesses, war and crime like murder and stuff, but we can't help like that, which is what makes us unhappy.
Jenni, 13, London

Something that will make my life better is for the world to be peaceful.
Keiran, 10, Aberdeen

For there to be less litter in the streets.
Erin, 9, Aberdeen

Parents should spend more time with their kids.
Megan, 9, Aberdeen

My life would be better if there were no bullies.
Fraser, 9, Aberdeen

I would be happy if my parents let me go to my friends house or out with them to the cinema. I have never been to my friends house!!!!!
Aminah, 12, Glasgow

It would make my life better if we didn't have to think about wars - and poverty - around the world, day in, day out. Global warming is also an issue - it's involved in everyone's lives.
Hayley, 10, Bristol

My parents back together and not been bullied would make me happy.
Jason, 13, St. Helens

I have a very good life, I have lovely friends and I love my school.
Emily, 12, Fleet

I'd like to feel safer. There are too many people hanging around in groups on the streets and I don't like it.
Mark, 9, Liverpool

I think children in the UK are unhappy because their social life isn't good. I can't go out much because my parents are overprotective and I'm stuck at home watching TV when I could be going out with my friends.
Monalisa, 11, Sheffield

I think life would be better if we were to have world peace. So many of us would be able to breath easily without wars etc.
Toby, 12, London here

My life couldn't be better as I've got great family and friends!
Alice, 9, Wigan

I think if we had world peace and no bird flu or diseases I would be more than happy.
Amy, 11, Kingston

I think life would be better if we had lots of money so we could all go on holiday and buy stuff to learn more.
Christina, 10, Essex

It would be a much better life if no-one swore.
Richard, 8, Maidstone

I'd like to think that global warming was not a problem - I'm worried that something will happen like in the movie "The Day after Tomorrow".
Jessica, 13, Surrey

Having a happy family and loads of friends would make me really happy.
Emily-Rose, 12, London

I think it would be better if parents don't split up. It makes my life unhappy , but I still have fun with my mum and dad.
Anya, 9, Bromborough

Not having to worry about the environment so much because it is worrying me as you can see it in the papers, news and literally everywhere you go!!! It's making me and my friends go mad about what's happening to our planet.
Leanne, 12, Clacton-On-Sea

I don't feel safe about global warming so I think people should start helping. I also don't like groups of people hanging around on streets.
Isaac, 8, Leeds

I am very happy with my lifestyle. I go to a good school, have lots of great friends and a good relationship with my family.
Rosie, 11, Reading

Having my parents back together and not being bullied would make me happy.
Jason, 13, St Helens

I think we're very lucky in this country. In other countries, children my age have to go to work because they have no one to look after them.
Karen, 10, Bosham

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