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Last Updated: Wednesday February 14 2007 08:43 GMT

How's life great in the Netherlands?

Children running in a playground

What is it about life in the Netherlands that makes kids happier than they are here? Newsround spoke to some children in Holland to find out.

"We have everything that we need, good schools and good parents," said Raoul.

Sharven added: "In Holland, we have freedom and we have great schools, normal schools, and in England they have boarding schools and there's not really much freedom."

Saroja said Dutch children didn't complain much because they had a good life.

Wrong Trainers
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"There are good schools and lots of homes in Holland. You don't see many children on the street and in England I think there are many children living on the streets."

Whitney thought being able to play with friends was the key to happiness.

"I think that most children are happy with a lot of toys and friends," she said. "It's nice and I think it's important."

But she said life in the Netherlands wasn't perfect: "We need more places to play because they're building a lot of houses here and playgrounds disappear."

And Saroja said that no matter how good their lives were, some people would never be happy.

"Some children want something else than the wealthy life they have now."

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