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Last Updated: Wednesday February 14 2007 16:04 GMT

UK kids 'could have happier life'

Unhappy boy

What makes life good for kids? That's the question that's been asked in 21 countries for a survey - and the UK didn't do too well in the results.

The survey looked at stuff like family life, education, health and safety. In several categories, the UK was bottom of the league.

Some of the reasons we did badly include too many poor families, health worries, and kids not enjoying school.

The survey found that kids were most happy in the Netherlands.

Following the report, charity The Children's Society is doing an online survey to find out what makes for a good life.

Kids from across the UK are being asked to log on and take part.

"Despite being a rich country, the UK is failing children and young people in a number of crucial ways," said a spokesman for The Children's Society.

Your worries

Sonali visited a London school to ask kids what they were concerned about.

Bullying, family rows and fear of crime were among the big issues among a classroom of 10 and 11-year-olds.

School test
School test

Fatima, 10, said: "Kids in this country are quite clever and they worry about bullying. They shouldn't worry about it because it can be solved by other people."

School exams and tests were also a concern.

"If you want to go to a certain school, you might have to take a test to see how clever you are. If you don't do very well, you might not get in," said 10-year-old Chelsea.


Tope, 10, explained the effect a family row can have on a child: "Just one argument can upset them for the rest of the day."

Ten-year-old Luciana was worried about street gangs. "I just don't walk past them," she said.

Ademola, 11, said parents worried about their kids, but this wasn't a bad thing.

"They are doing it so they can keep their kids safe so they won't have a bad time," he said.

The children were also worried about global problems.

Kids in Nigeria
Kids in Nigeria

Farhana, 11, said: "The environment worries me because people don't recycle and they just litter the streets."


But 11-year-old Bilikis thought that kids in the UK have it much better than some people.

"I used to live in Nigeria. People there are happy with what they have - the little things. In this country, I think people are spoilt," she said.

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