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Last Updated: Tuesday February 13 2007 12:24 GMT

Skydiver survives terrifying fall

Michael Holmes during one of his more successful parachute jumps

A skydiver has survived a fall of nearly three miles after his parachutes failed during a jump in New Zealand.

Michael Holmes plummeted to the ground at more than 100mph when his main parachute got tangled up during the 2.8 mile drop in Taupo.

His reserve parachute also failed to open but luckily his fall was broken by thick thorny bushes.

He said: "Everybody says your life flashes before your eyes but for me it didn't really happen."

Mr Holmes, who has done loads of parachute jumps in the past, suffered a broken ankle and punctured lung in the fall.

He has since recovered and said he knew how lucky he'd been.

If he'd landed a few feet to the left or right he could have hit a tree stump or car park and he would probably have died.

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