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Last Updated: Thursday February 15 2007 09:53 GMT

How I look after my pet rabbit

Joanna and her pet rabbit Thumper

Press Packer Joanna has a pet rabbit called Thumper. In her report she tells us what she thinks the important things are when looking after a rabbit.

"I own a silver blue fox rabbit.

My family or I clean out his hutch every week.

We feed him about a half a tin of rabbit feed or dried vegetables and loads of hay every day.

It's also important that he has fresh water every day too.

Cardboard boxes

It is also important to play with a rabbit and leave things for it to play with when you're gone.

Thumper the rabbit!
Thumper the rabbit!
Toys might include cardboard boxes, tubes or balls to roll about.

It's very dangerous though to give a sharp or an unsafe toy to a rabbit.

After school

I try to give my rabbit as much attention as possible, which can be quite easy because they are most active before and after school times!

Rabbits are very clean animals, they groom themselves which keeps their fur in good condition.

One of the most cutest sights of a rabbit is it washing its face!"

Joanna, 12, East Lothian

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