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Last Updated: Friday February 09 2007 09:32 GMT

Town bans Heelys over safety fear


After hitting the headlines over safety fears, Heelys have been banned from a town in Somerset and anyone caught wearing them could be fined up to 500.

Council bosses in Yeovil said that because the town is on a hill, kids wearing the wheeled trainers could go too fast and cause accidents.

Skateboards, rollerblades and roller skates are also forbidden by the ban.

Alan Tawse from the council said they weren't trying to stop kids having fun, they just wanted everybody to be safe.


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The ban applies to the town centre's main shopping areas and car parks, but you can still wear your Heelys if you take the wheels out of the heels.

The makers of Heelys said the shoes had a good safety record and were sold with safety guidelines recommending that you wear safety gear when you use them.

'Consider others'

But they added that they should not be worn in crowded public places and urged everyone who wears them to consider others around them.

A couple of weeks ago, a 12-year-old boy was hit by a car while crossing the road in his Heelys, although it's not clear if he was actually skating at the time of the accident. Since then, hundreds of you have contacted Newsround with your own Heelys horror stories of injuries and accidents.

Your Comments

Heelys should be banned after the boy crashed into the car. Everyone at my school wears there Heelys everywhere but that is not going to persuade me to wear them!
Asia, 10, Telford

I don't think Heelys should be banned. The children should put their Heelys in a bag and when they are down the hill they should put them on!
Roya, 10 London

Why ban Heelys? I've never ever got hurt by using mine!
Emily, 9, Evesham

I think Heelys should be banned.
Henry, 8, Chigwell

Heelys are ok but they can cause quite a lot of accidents if you abuse them. I have a pair of my own but nothing serious has happened yet but I don't think they are a serious offence to the public.
Issy, 10, Taunton

I think that Heelys should not be banned because they are loads of fun and people might not be able to Heely in their back garden. They might live in a flat or might have a really muddy garden and there is nowhere to Heely in their back garden.
Amber, 10, London

I'm glad they've banned them in the town centre. They are a constant annoyance and make a really horrible sound. I'm happy now that I can go around town without people on shoes whose brand creators can't correctly pluralise a word properly!
Freddie, 13, Yeovil

My best friend has got Heelys but that doesn't stop me from thinking that they are safe. If accidents happen then maybe they should only be used away from the road. I do not think they should be banned forever though.
Francine, 10, Ipswich

I don't think Heelys should be banned in towns, but if anything does happen then there should be a fine.
Danne, 12, Aldershot

I hate Heelys.
Ellie, 12, Latchingdon

I think they should not ban Heelys.
Charlotte, 10, Blackpool

I don't think it's fair that people aren't allowed to go on their Heelys because loads of kids were really excited to get them for Christmas, and now they can't use them and they cost a lot of money. I have a pair myself and I would hate it if someone told me I couldn't roll on them in my own town. It's especially unfair on the people who go slow on them in safe areas.
Hayley, 10 Carrick Fergus

I do not think Heelys are as dangerous as skateboards or rollerblades.
Aaron, 11, Copthorne