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Last Updated: Monday February 05 2007 13:02 GMT

Croc in pool stops swim lesson

Crocodile in pool

A bunch of school kids had to miss out on their swimming lesson after a crocodile got into their pool!

The children turned up for an early morning dip at the outdoor pool in Darwin, Australia, to see an unexpected scaly visitor lurking in the shadows. Their snappy guest scarpered across the lawn and straight into the pool.

The 1.6 metre-long reptile stayed underwater for two hours before it was caught, tied up and taken to a nearby crocodile farm.

It's thought the beast climbed up nearby cliffs to avoid rough seas. But other people reckon it was put into the pool as a prank.

There have been lots of sightings of crocs in Australia in recent days.

That's because flooding caused by heavy rains has allowed them to swim in places there normally wouldn't be any water.

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