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Last Updated: Thursday February 01 2007 15:05 GMT

Latin lessons help kids in school

Children in a Latin lesson

If you're bored of French lessons and fancy learning a language that's a bit different, Latin could be for you.

It's a really ancient language that was spoken in Roman times and because people don't really use it anymore some people think it's pointless.

But the English language we use today was developed from Latin, and teachers at one London primary school say it can help young kids with their English.

Pupils there are having Latin lessons once a week to see how they get on.

Latin facts
Few people can speak Latin, but you have to learn it in Italian secondary schools
Latin words change their endings depending on how they're used so you need to know your grammar!
Lots of Latin words are in everyday use like habitat

It's been a big hit so far as they get to play bingo and catch up on the Latin version of their favourite book - Harrius Potter!

Aisha, 9, said Latin was fun: "I like learning it because it helps me build up my English sentences in my literacy lessons."

Yusupha, 10, said he thought it was really useful language to know.

"I like learning it because if I go to a place like Rome I can read the Latin on the ancient temples," he said.

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