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Last Updated: Wednesday January 31 2007 09:39 GMT

Newsround visits hi-tech school

Children study in their hi-tech classroom

Kids from a Devon school that's kitted out with hi-tech gadgets have been telling Newsround about their lessons.

Most of you use computers in class, but this lot have each got PCs hooked up to the net, web cams and handsets to make lessons really interactive.

"Normal schools just have a whiteboard, which is a bit boring," said one pupil.

The kids can also log on to the school computers from home, but the equipment is really pricey so it's unlikely that all classrooms will look like this.

"I think it's really good because you have got your own computer," one pupil told Newsround's Adam.

Girl voting using her PC
Girl voting using her PC

Another admitted that his friends would be "really jealous" if they saw what his school looked like.

While Adam was at the school, the kids used their handsets to vote on whether they liked Newsround - and 97% said yes!

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